The college offers dance technique/theory courses in all levels of ballet, modern, jazz, and tap, as well as improvisation and choreography courses.

All of our faculty have a Master’s Degree in dance and/or extensive professional and teaching experience in their dance specialty.

We offer most of these classes in the daytime and evening.   Please check the current class schedule for specific days and times.

All of the Introductory dance courses fulfill the Fine Arts General Education requirement at SLCC and the level two classes (Ballet II, Modern Dance II, Jazz II and Tap Dance II) fulfill the Lifetime Wellness (Physical Education) requirement at the college.

We also have a paraprofessional performing Dance Company. The Company is audition-based and you can learn more about it here.

Course offerings:

  • DANC 1010   Dance and Culture   (FA, DV)
  • DANC 1100   Intro to Ballet I   (FA)
  • DANC 1110   Ballet II   (Spring, LW)
  • DANC 1200   Intro to Modern Dance   (FA)
  • DANC 1210   Modern Dance II   (Spring, LW)
  • DANC 1500   Intro to Jazz Dance   (FA)
  • DANC 2500   Advanced Dance (Jazz/Modern III/IV Hybrid)
  • DANC 2800 Dance Company (audition-based)

SLCC Dance Company

Click here for more information about the SLCC Dance Company.