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Locked Keys in Car

Taylorsville Redwood and South City campuses

What dispatch needs to know:

  • Campus
  • Parking lot letter or number
  • Type and color of a vehicle
  • Your name
  • Cell phone if available

Lost and Found

If you’re looking for a lost item, contact the appropriate Lost and Found location.

SLCC keeps found items at Lost and Found for a short time, and then sends them to Surplus Services.

Parking Lot Escort

A parking lot escort is available through Student Services at the Taylorsville Redwood and South City campuses from 5-10 p.m., Monday-Thursday.

  • Taylorsville Redwood Campus, 801-957-4080
  • South City Campus, 801-957-3407

Reporting a Crime

We encourage the prompt and accurate reporting of crimes.

Reporting a crime

  • If you observe something suspicious or out-of-the-ordinary, call the police.
  • Report thefts and property losses immediately; leave the scene untouched so the police can gather evidence.
  • Be alert for suspicious persons in and around campus buildings and in parking lots.
    • Is someone carrying valuable property out of buildings?
    • Are they going from room to room trying doorknobs?
    • Are they looking in cars as they walk through parking lots?
    • Make notes regarding a description of the suspicious person and try to obtain a vehicle license number.
    • Do not pursue these individuals. Call the police.

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Enrollment Info: 801-957-4073

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