Vice President of Student Services

Nancy Singer

Salt Lake Community College’s strategic priorities are to:

  1. enhance quality higher education
  2. improve student access and success
  3. advance a culture of evidence and accountability
  4. strengthen institutional support
  5. advance partnerships/relationships with community and business

Those who work in Student Services support all of the SLCC core strategic priorities, especially in the areas of enhancing students’ educational experiences and supporting student access and success.   

Student Services staff are here to help students be successful while attending SLCC as well as share the benefits of a higher education with prospective students. 

We help you complete your application for admission and process your FAFSA so you have financial support to go to school.  Our staff members can help you explore your academic and career options, build your leadership potential, and enhance your learning through community service, club involvement, and special events.  We provide support for all populations of students including veterans, students with disabilities, and first-generation college students.

Through our Health & Wellness Services, we support your physical and emotional well being so you are able to pursue your academic goals.

Student Services staff members are committed to contributing to your learning and build many of our programs with an effort to:
  • Help you communicate effectively
  • Develop quantitative and financial literacy
  • Think critically and creatively
  • Develop the knowledge and skills to work with others
  • Help you engage with the broader community
  • Develop computer and information literacy to navigate student systems
  • Develop attitudes and skills for lifelong wellness

We hope you will commit to being a part of an engaged and civil community.  We have high expectations of you as a student and share those expectations through our Student Code of Conduct which governs student behavior.  In addition, the Carolinian Creed below outlines guiding principles for all students at SLCC.

“I will practice personal and academic integrity.  I will respect the dignity of all persons.  I will respect the rights and property of others.  I will discourage bigotry, striving to learn from differences in people, ideas and opinions.  I will demonstrate concern for others, their feelings and their need for conditions, which support their work and development. Allegiance to these ideals obligates each student to refrain from and discourage behaviors which threaten the freedom and the respect all community members deserve.”  

Best wishes for a successful year.

Nancy A. Singer, Ph. D.

Interim Vice President of Student Services

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4600 So. Redwood Road
Salt Lake City, UT  84123
Student Center Room 274
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Hours:  M - F 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Phone:  801-957-4284
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