Transfer Evaluation

Transferring Guidelines



  • Classes were taken for credit at a regionally accredited college or university (exceptions to this rule are sometimes made by specific academic programs for credit applied to a specific program;  
  • Grades in individual classes were C- or higher, except in cases where a grade of C is required at SLCC as a prerequisite;   
  • Classes were college level (rather than remedial or developmental; at Utah institutions this usually means numbered 1000 or above);
  • Classes are designated as "general education" by the issuing institution or by SLCC, or meet a requirement for graduation in the student's SLCC program.
  • Courses taken more than 10 years ago may only transfer as elective credit, rather than specific course credit.

General Education:  General education (GE) is always reviewed for applicability towards requirements.  Courses are also posted if students have satisfied a degree requirement in the main course requirements.  Any other coursework that is not applicable to GE or the degree may transfer as elective credit only.

Religion courses, which advocate the doctrine of a particular sect or denomination, will not be accepted.

Based on Regent's policy R470. Transfer of Credit Policy 7.1.2. Transfer of Completed General Education Credits through Program Completion:  An AA or an AS degree earned at any USHE institution will meet the General Education requirements of any other USHE institution. If a student has completed all institutional General Education requirements, a Letter of Completion issued by the sending institution that confirms such General Education completion should be accepted by the receiving USHE institution.

Degrees from non-USHE institutions will be subject to individual course evaluation for general education unless a prior agreement exists.

Independent Study Coursework:   The SLCC math department will not accept any math coursework completed via Independent Study. In addition, the biology and chemistry departments do not accept any lab coursework that is completed via Independent Study.

GPA:  Transfer credit will not affect a student’s SLCC GPA.  Grades from other colleges are not transferred and included in the SLCC GPA. 

Graduation:  To be eligible for graduation from SLCC, students must take 25% of required coursework/credits directly from Salt Lake Community College. 

General Information:  Transcripts are evaluated for the area of study/degree that was listed on the student’s application to SLCC.  Coursework that has not been previously, or recently, reviewed may need to be forwarded to the appropriate academic department for further evaluation.

All credit accepted will be recorded as part of a student’s academic history.  E-mail notification will be sent to the student once the evaluation is completed or updated. Once transfer credit is posted it may not be removed.  Some exceptions may include a lapse in attendance that requires re-application, new transcripts be submitted and/or a re-evaluation of credit.  Credits may need to be updated if the initial evaluation of credits were not applied toward a degree within two years.

Courses accepted for transfer will be awarded the same number of credit hours given for equivalent SLCC courses. If SLCC has no equivalent course, the transferred course will be awarded its original number of credit hours (based on a semester system).

Due to limited file space, we will store original academic transcripts for one year only.  If you request an evaluation after one year, you may be required to submit new copies for reconciliation of a prior evaluation.

Re-evaluations may take longer; therefore, it is IMPORTANT that you apply for the degree and program you are seeking at SLCC.