English Composition Sequence

Composition classes are required of every SLCC degree-seeking student. These classes prepare students to write in other college classes, at work, and for civic and personal reasons.Composition Outcomes Image

While English 0900, 0990, 1010, 2010 and 2100 prepare students to read and write at a college level, these courses do not teach students how to write for all situations they will face in college and beyond. Such a task is impossible, given the vast differences across various types of writing and contexts. Also, different readers have different expectations for what makes something "good" writing.  

To write effectively across multiple situations requires critical awareness and rhetorical flexibility.  Therefore, the goal of all English composition courses is to help students learn how to ask the right questions about writing tasks. By the time SLCC students complete their required composition courses, they will know that the questions in the graphic below should be considered every time they write.  Finding the answers to these questions, and then acting on them, is what effective writers do.

Image of Composition Outcomes

Downloadable Image (PDF)