Program Application

To apply for the Interpreting program, students must complete the following program courses by the end of the Summer semester prior to classes beginning in Fall semester:

  • ASL 1010- Beginning ASL I
  • ASL 1020-Beginning ASL II
  • ASL 2010- Intermediate ASL I
  • *ASL 2020- Intermediate ASL II
  • ENGL 1010- Introduction to Writing
  • ENGL 2010- Intermediate Writing
  • COMM 1020- Public Speaking
  • **COMM 2150- Intercultural Communication
  • INTR 1000- Introduction to Interpreting

For each of these courses, students must receive a grade of B- or better, and the ASL courses must have been completed within the last two years.

Applications may be submitted when all prerequisite courses have been completed and final grades are posted. Students who are completing the last of their prerequisite coursework during the Summer semester may submit their application after the last day to drop classes.

Priority deadline will be June 1st of every year. An electronic copy of the application can be requested by emailing Courses for students accepted into the program begin Fall semester 2018.

* Students can demonstrate ASL proficiency in lieu of coursework, see ASL Placement Test page for details.

** Students who have not completed this course (COMM 2150) may apply, but this course must be taken and passed successfully during the first year of the program. However, students with all 9 prerequisites completed will be given preference over those with only 8.