Transferring to a 4-Year Institution

Admission into a major program at a transfer institution depends upon the receiving institution's requirements for that major. Some major programs are restricted and require special application as well as a competitive GPA. See an Academic Advisor at both SLCC and the intended receiving institution for specific articulation information, also available at the Utah System of Higher Education web site.

For students interested in majoring in Communication at the University of Utah or Weber State University:

  • You are strongly encouraged to get your COMM degree at SLCC before transferring.
  • A degree in COMM from SLCC benefits you financially as well as provides a solid curricular foundation.

University of Utah

  • 4 SLCC COMM courses may be transferred to your U of U COMM degree; check for GPA guidelines.
  • You may take the one-credit U of U course, COMM 3060 Transfer Interest Group (TIG), during Spring semester at the South City campus, for reduced tuition while still a student at SLCC. For information contact Natasha Seegert
  • The TIG course will familiarize you with the U of U’s Communication program, instructors, staff, and facilities.
  • Complete the TIG course and you will receive higher priority for U of U enrollment.
  • Complete the TIG course and you can declare your U of U Communication major upon admission, one semester earlier than other transfer students.
  • SLCC students are strongly encouraged to take the TIG course, but it is not required to transfer. Students can still complete 9 credit hours at the U of U (including at least one U of U Communication course with a C or better), earn a 2.75 U of U GPA, and declare the Communication major.

Weber State University

The WSU Department of Communication agrees to substitute certain required courses for transfer students from SLCC that have completed a course at SLCC approved by the WSU Department of Communication Chair and curriculum committee with a grade of “C” or better. Check the SLCC catalog for a detailed list of approved substitution courses.

Other Institutions:

There is a general articulation agreement with Utah State University*, Dixie State University**, Southern Utah University and Utah Valley University. Please contact them directly for more information on transferring to the desired institution.

*Utah State University also provides a Journalism and Communication program.

**Dixie State University applies the majority of SLCC Communication classes toward the major requirements.