Melissa Helquist Dr. Melissa Helquist, Director

Melissa is the Director of the Community Writing Center and Associate Professor of English at Salt Lake Community College. She has been teaching writing for the past twenty years in a variety of contexts: in writing centers, online, in the classroom, and from a canoe in the Northwoods. She is a disability studies scholar and an accessibility advocate. 

Kati Lewis, Associate Director

Katherine Allred, Writing Assistant/Outreach Coordinator

Katherine is pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Writing and Rhetoric Studies at the University of Utah, where her areas of interest include sociolinguistics, social justice, alternative pedagogies, and project-based learning. She loves writing poetry and creative nonfiction. In her spare time she likes to knit, go hiking and fishing, ride her road bike, and grow weird vegetables.

Fatima Badran

Fatima Badran, Writing Assistant/Outreach Coordinator

Fatima is a full time student at the University of Utah who is passionate about reading, writing, and storytelling. Her love of education and her belief that everyone should have access to great schooling, has inspired her to continue on her own path towards higher education. She is excited to be working at the Community Writing Center and hopes to be an enriching member of the community. She looks forward to building meaningful relationships with the Salt Lake City community. In her spare time, Fatima enjoys traveling, watching movies, community activities, and trying new things.

Zach FrederickZach Frederick, Writing Assistant/Project Coordinator

Zach Frederick recently returned to academic life after more than a few years away from school. Having enrolled at SLCC in order to pursue an Associate's degree and transfer to University of Utah’s Writing and Rhetoric program, he finds himself loving life as a full time student. Zach took a much longer than intended break from school after high school graduation following his enlistment in the Air Force. He is now a full-time student at SLCC and a proud member of the Air Force Reserve at Hill AFB. In his spare time, you can find Zach enjoying many of the valley’s great outdoor activities or in his house reading or watching TV. In either case, he’ll be accompanied by his amazing dog sidekick, Loki.

Kayden Groves Kayden Groves, Writing Assistant/Marketing and Publications Coordinator

Kayden studies graphic design full time at Salt Lake Community College, and works part time at the CWC as the Marketing and Publications Coordinator as well as a writing coach. He firmly believes in the Community Writing Center’s motto: everyone can write, even graphic designers. In his free time, Kayden can be found reading, drawing, or exploring new avenues of creative expression. He is happiest when creating things and appreciating beautiful things created by others, be it typography, photography, the written word, or illustration. His favorite things are good kerning, bona fide small caps, and a quality cup of coffee or tea.

Christina Guerrero

Cristina Guerrero, Writing Assistant/Special Projects Coordinator

Cristina is a full-time student pursuing a career in the Writing and Rhetoric Studies program at the University of Utah. Currently, Cristina attends Salt Lake Community College and plans to transfer to the U of U. She is an advocate for education and believes everyone should feel welcome to expand their horizons. She is excited to work at the CWC and continue helping the community. Cristina's favorite things to do are spending time with family and friends, going out and trying new things, and meeting new people and learning from them.

Nean Hawe, Writing Assistant/Volunteer Coordinator

Nean is in his senior year at Westminster College, working on his Bachelor’s in English with a Creative Writing focus; and maybe a Minor in Anthropology, if he can squeeze the classes into his schedule. He is currently one of the prose editors for Westminster’s yearly literary magazine: ‘Ellipsis…’ Nean has a particular love of science fiction and fantasy, and hopes to one day finish one of the many such novel ideas bouncing around his skull. In the meantime he contents himself with writing short fiction in various genres and the occasional poem. When not reading, writing, or wasting time on the internet, he can be found enjoying Utah’s beautiful landscapes with his wife and daughter, or arguing recreationally over a cold pint with his friends.

Ashley McFarland, Writing Assistant/Youth Program Coordinator

Ashley recently graduated with a Bachelors in Writing & Rhetoric from the University of Utah and is currently applying to graduate programs in creative non-fiction. After volunteering for a year, she loves having the opportunity to work at the CWC. Ashley also loves Diet Coke, meeting new people, and naps.

Raymond RiversRaymond Rivers, Writing Assistant/Special Projects Coordinator

Raymond Rivers works at the Salt Lake Community Writing center as a writing assistant. He is also a published poet, writer, and artist who also has several years of experience as an online game organizer. He is currently enrolled as an aspiring game designer at SLCC and is interested in the psychology of language and communication.

Raymond Rivers

George Relyea, Writing Assistant/DiverCity Writing Series Coordinator

George is passionate about empowering members of local communities to feel that they have a voice, and that what they have to say matters. He believes that a healthy, democratic society depends on every community member feeling heard and considered. He is concerned with social justice and mobility, and plans to study psychology and writing so that he may spend his life helping people communicate and grow their passions.

Advisory Committee

Our Advisory Committee is comprised of active community members and/or professional writers and editors who advise the CWC on innovative ways to achieve its mission of supporting, motivating and educating people of all abilities and educational backgrounds who want to use writing for practical needs, civic engagement and personal expression.

Louis Borgenicht, Pediatrician and Adjunct Professor of Pediatrics at the University of Utah

Clint Gardner, Program Manager of College Writing and Reading Centers, Salt Lake Community College

Stephen Goldsmith, Director, Center for the Living City and Associate Professor (Lecturer), City & Metropolitan Planning, University of Utah

Anne Holman, Co-owner of King's English Bookshop

Brian Hutchinson, Director of Community Engagement, Volunteers of America

Lynn Kilpatrick, Associate Professor of English, Salt Lake Community College

Chris LeCluyse, Associate Professor of English and writing center director at Westminster College

Joy Pierce, Associate Professor, Writing and Rhetoric Studies at the University of Utah

Jennifer Suarez, Programs Specialist, Salt Lake County Sheriff’s Office

Martha Taylor, Community Connected Learning/Internship Coordinator, The Academy for Math, Engineering & Science (AMES)

Verónica Eileen Valdez, Associate Professor, Education, Culture & Society, University of Utah

Ken Verdoia, Senior Coordinating Producer, KUED; Adjunct Assistant Professor, Communication, University of Utah