Employee Giving

Employee Giving five-dollar donor drive

GIVE 'EM $5.

To encourage more SLCC faculty and staff to participate in our employee giving campaign, we're continuing our $5 donor drive.

Participation is the key to the success of employee giving. With your one-time payroll deduction of $5, you become a part of our year-long Campaign here at SLCC. The employee giving campaign goes a long way toward helping students afford college and overcome the single greatest obstacle they perceive in pursuing an education at SLCC - the cost. If every SLCC employee donates $5, we would pay for nearly 4 students' associate degrees.

When SLCC employees make their gift - no matter the size - it says we believe in the mission of the College. Your gift counts. Give 'em $5!

Having Heart... Employee Gifts Change Lives

Thank you for your focus, time and efforts on behalf of our students and our College. As you know, scholarship support for our students falls short each year, preventing many students from enrolling or completing their educations. We’re asking that each SLCC employee make a greater difference in the lives of students by contributing to our Employee Giving campaign.

The campaign runs August 2017 – June 2018, and we’re seeking participation from full-time and part-time faculty and staff from all divisions across all campuses. For our 2016 Employee Giving Campaign, 164 SLCC employees raised $14,069.81 for student scholarships, and academic and cultural programs. This year our goal is to achieve 246 participants and $22,000 in donations. Every gift counts!

Why give?

  • Your donation is an investment in our College to better lives and our community.
  • Your gift helps students take a full load of classes, afford books and fees, and stay in school for consecutive semesters.
  • Employee giving is crucial for fundraising, especially when Foundation staff members meet with potential donors. Employee participation shows that our workforce is invested in the College.

What to give?

Giving is a personal decision. But whatever amount you choose to give, your participation reflects your commitment to the College and its future. Even a little can make a big difference, and no amount is too small: $5; $50; $500 or more.

Ways to Give

  • Credit Card Online
  • Payroll Deduction – Just complete the payroll deduction form and drop it in campus mail. Spread out your donation over bimonthly payments. For example, donate $5 per pay period totals $120 per year.
  • eSignature Payroll Deduction – It’s easy to give with secure eSignature now in place! Complete the online form and hit submit.
  • Through retirement planning – Join us for a financial planning seminar series. For details, call the Development Office, 801-957-4247.
  • Check, payable to:
    • Salt Lake Community College Foundation
      Development Office
      P.O. Box 30808
      Salt Lake City, UT 84130-0808

Donor Spotlight


"After losing my father at age 14, I was reluctant to leave my mother. I even passed on two leadership scholarships to other colleges because I was afraid to leave home. My brother was seeking a degree in electricity at the College, so I tagged along and enrolled at 17. I got involved in student government, which provided me a scholarship, and I learned from incredible leaders and mentors.

I could never repay all the individuals who have helped shape my life at SLCC. I consider myself very blessed from my experience, so giving to the SLCC scholarship fund through Employee Giving was a no-brainer. I don't consider my donation a gift, I consider it a wise investment, and you should too."

Sharlee Smith, Creative Services Manager, Institutional Marketing

Employee Giving Scholarship Recipients and Donors

Christy FrancisChristy Francis
2017-2018 SLCC Alumni Association Scholarship Recipient

Being around kids with disabilities brightens my life. - Christy Francis

Christy Francis graduated from SLCC more than 20 years ago. But when an opening for a special education teacher’s aide opened up, it changed the course of her life. She then made the decision to return to SLCC. Christy plans to complete her prerequisites for an education degree at SLCC and then transfer to the University of Utah to complete her degree. I’m thrilled to be a college student once again.

Over the past five years, I’ve experienced incredible joy and satisfaction working with teenage students who have physical and intellectual disabilities. I love and respect these amazing people. I hope, through my college education, to effectively teach and better the lives of these special students. I could not do this without support. My heartfelt thanks and gratitude to the SLCC Alumni Association for giving me this fantastic opportunity!

Jenny FaasavaluJenny Faasavalu

Jenny Faasavalu says that a college skills class at her workplace, Intermountain Health Care, was the impetus that motivated her to begin taking classes at SLCC two years ago. After working as a dialysis technician for 20 years, she felt stuck. Even her boss encouraged her to apply for financial aid and to “go for it!”

Jenny decided to begin her education at Salt Lake Community College by taking one class at a time. She also started with the subject she was most afraid of: Math. She now has four classes left and will apply for admission to SLCC’s Nursing Program in April.

She gets emotional when she says she wishes she had started many years ago. “I feel like I still have so much to learn. Even if you fail, don’t give up – you just have keep trying.” But now, she says, “I feel like I have a second chance.”

Sierra Heaton

"Salt Lake Community College has been incredible, awesome. The faculty and staff have been so encouraging. I want to thank my scholarship donors – they have made such a difference in my life with their support. They’re the reason I’m able to pursue my dreams of becoming a doctor. They’re the reason I’m here."

Kate Gildea
Director of Admissions

One of the main reasons I give to the Employee Giving Campaign is that I think our students here at SLCC face many more obstacles in their lives than students at any other institution. They often juggle work-life balance, possibly raising children or taking care of their families. I love that by giving a few dollars out of my paycheck, it makes it possible for a student to keep achieving their educational goals. By educating one student, that can potentially have an impact on their family and their whole community.


Laurie Staton
Director of Sustainable Giving