General Education

What is General Education?

General Education is the part of  a college curriculum shared by all students seeking a degree.  It provides broad exposure to multiple disciplines and forms the basis for developing important intellectual and civic capacities.

Why General Education?

For your job:

  • Business leaders and other employers tell us that employees need to be able to think critically, to speak and write clearly, and to be able to reason quantitatively.
  • More and more Americans change jobs several times during their lifetime.  General Education skills carry over from one job to another and enable students to be more flexible as they navigate the changing world of work.

For your life:

  • General Education provides the skills you need to think through the pressing problems of our day so you can be an actor in your personal, national and international life, rather than a victim.
  • General education prepares you to enjoy the complex, multifaceted and changing world you live in -- whether that's through a musical concert or a magnificent rock formation.

What is an educated person? What should educated people know and be able to do when they graduate from college?


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GenEd Step Ahead

GenEd Step Ahead
The GenEd Step Ahead program offers all of your general education at one place and one time of day.



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