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General Education

What is General Education?

General Education is the part of  a college curriculum shared by all students seeking a degree.  It provides broad exposure to multiple disciplines and forms the basis for developing important intellectual and civic capacities.

Students: How Should You Approach General Education?

  • General Education is not a random series of courses that you take to “get out of the way” so you can start your major.
  • As you take General Education courses, think to yourself that you are building an essential foundation to your future success in higher education, in the workplace, and as a citizen in a democratic republic.
  • Use your ePortfolio to document the building of your unique educational foundation by archiving significant work that you’ve done, and reflecting deeply on that work.
  • Consider how all of your General Education courses have a common purpose: they are separately helping you achieve essential learning outcomes.
  • Even though you have many General Education courses from which to choose, think about how they are integrated with each other into a coherent experience of your own creation.

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