Faculty Resources

The Jordan Health Sciences Assessment Center testing labs may be scheduled by instructors to reserve space for their class, either for a specific time and date or for a time and date range.

Reserving space for your class to take at test

Faculty and instructors teaching traditional classes, use this form to reserve testing space at JHSAC. You will need to know the CRN(s) for your class to submit the form. JHSAC is the only facility that can schedule group class testing.

Scheduling an exam for an online or hybrid class

Instructors teaching online or hybrid courses may schedule tests at JHSAC, Taylorsville or SCC Testing Centers. To make an appointment, follow this link. Effective January 1, 2018, all students will need to make an appointment for these tests.

Cancelling a test

If testing plans change and an instructor needs to reschedule or cancel a class test, please submit this cancellation form.

Scheduling an exception for one or more students

If a student was scheduled at JHSAC to take a test with their class at a specific time/date and they missed the test for legitimate reasons, or if the instructor chooses to allow the student to test either before or after the scheduled time for their class: Use this exception form. Exceptions and Make-up tests for online and hybrid classes are scheduled through Instructional Testing Services.

Student Appointments

Currently, students taking a traditional class whose tests are scheduled for a date/time range, referred to as "open testing", may walk in anytime during that scheduled period and test if there is space available. Instructors of traditional classes may not schedule “open testing” during finals week. Students taking online or hybrid classes will always have to make an appointment to take their test at one of the testing centers regardless of whether the test is scheduled during the term or for finals week.