TEAS V Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The Nursing Department in the School of Health Sciences is the only program that requires prospective students to take this exam before they submit their application. Check with your academic advisor for details.

To schedule the TEAS you must use the web based system “Health Sciences Test Scheduler.” A link to this test scheduler is located on the “Health Sciences Assessment Center” webpage and other SLCC Health Sciences admission web pages. The first time you use the test scheduler you will be required to create an account. This is a separate account from any MySLCC account you may have already.

You must schedule your test at least one week in advance in order to give enough time for the Health Sciences Assessment Center to procure exams and complete the scheduling process. If you have taken the test previously and wish to take it again to improve your score there is a two week waiting period from the time you complete the exam until you can retest. Your retest must still be scheduled a week in advance of the scheduled TEAS exam date. If special circumstances dictate, the Coordinator of the Assessment Center can over-ride these periods. Call 801-957-6225 to arrange this. “I forgot to do it in time” is not a special circumstance.

There are several different testing and assessment centers for SLCC on different campuses. The TEAS exam is only provided at the Jordan Campus in the Health Sciences Building room 054. Room 054 is located on the lowest level of the building on the south side of the atrium. If you live more than two hours driving time away from Salt Lake City, you may choose to take the TEAS via “distance testing.” A certified testing center will have to be located near you and an application for you to be tested at that location can be submitted. There may be additional cost involved and you should start the process to do this at least a month before you wish to test. If testing at a location other that JHSAC make sure you elect to have your scores reported to Salt Lake Community College in Utah. (There is a Salt Lake Community College in Louisiana)

You will need to prove your identification using a government issued ID card such as a driver’s license, SLCC one card, passport or state issued ID card. The Assessment Center will provide all other items you may need for the test. You will not be allowed to take any personal items into the testing area such as your own calculator, pens, cell phones, MP3 players, books or notes. There are lockers in the Assessment Center where you can secure personal items while you are taking the exam.

You are allowed to attempt the TEAS three times in a twelve month period. Check with your admission advisor for the details of your program.

Yes, you will have to wait two weeks from the day you complete your test until the time you can start your next attempt. You can however begin the process of scheduling your subsequent attempt as early as you would like. During this time period you should take advantage of the remediation resources offered by ATI so that you can improve your score. Your subsequent attempts will cover the same topics as the previous test, but will be a different version of the exam and the questions will be different.

The Nursing program requires a cumulative score from the TEAS so you will need to retake all the modules of the exam each time. Check with your admission advisor for the details of your program.

You will have 3 hours and 29 minutes to take the exam. Please allow for an extra 15 minutes for us to check you in and give you instructions. You may take a 10 minute break between the second and third sections.

Students are allowed to take a 10 minute break after the Mathematics section in order to use the restroom or to get a drink of water or a snack. Drinks and food are not allowed in the testing labs but you may bring them and leave them in a locker in the Assessment Center. During this break students are not allowed to look at reference materials, use the internet or check email.

You must complete the TEAS during one testing session.

When you complete the TEAS you will be able to log into your ATI account and see your results. Your scores are automatically made available to admissions, so there are no actions you need to take to provide scores to SLCC.

As of Fall 2015, SLCC charges $100 for the basic TEAS (V) exam. These fees are subject to change. There have been price increases in the past and when you schedule a time to take the exam the Health Sciences Test Scheduler will have the current costs.

You will pay for the TEAS by credit card on line when scheduling your exam using the Health Sciences Test Scheduler. Once you schedule an exam and make a payment, the fee is not refundable. You can reschedule for an additional fee on this same site. The cost of the TEAS allows you to take the entire test one time and you also get access to the ATI remediation resources.

There are many resources available. The ATI website offers many resources including books and practice exams. A search of the internet will provide many other sites that will help you study. Some offer practice exams and sample questions.

The Health Sciences Test Scheduler account is a separate account from the ATI account. You will need an ATI account (user name and password) to login on the day you take your exam. This account will also allow you access to study material and remediation resources provided by ATI. This account will be used if you choose to retake the exam.

If your questions are related to the admission process or requirements please call 801-957-6253. If you have questions that would best be directed to academic advising or to schedule an appointment with an academic advisor call 801-957-6215. If your questions are related to scheduling or taking the TEAS call the Health Sciences Assessment Center at 801-957-6220, 801-957-6225, 801-957-6226 or email the Assessment Center at HSTesting@slcc.edu.