Faculty Resources

Why is Starfish an important tool for student success?

Students need to receive timely feedback that helps them develop beliefs and behaviors that lead to student success. Starfish provides a way for faculty to provide feedback more quickly than composing individual e-mails for all outstanding and struggling students.

Flags and referrals in Starfish can also trigger outreach from support staff, such as advising and tutoring, to encourage students to create a plan to be successful in all their courses and use college resources earlier in the semester when it will be more effective.

Please set up your profile to get started using MySuccess

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Progress Surveys and Alerts

During the semester, instructors will be asked to complete a progress survey to report on student progress. The following video explains how to access and complete a progress survey.

How to sort students by course

How to add a tracking item

How to add a tracking item to multiple students at once

The following alerts are available for instructors to raise on their students. (Click on the alert name to view e-mail template sent to student.)

Please adopt and use Starfish. Encourage students to check their status, see if they have any flags, and to follow the directions in the email notification(s) quickly and completely. Anything you can do to promote students' awareness and use will increase their likelihood of using feedback to complete courses successfully.