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Rimers of Eldritch at the Black Box

Rimers of Eldritch at the Black Box
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Open Auditions Nov. 17

Auditions for Midsummer Night's Dream and One Act Play Festival - November 17
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New theater degree available

Want to be a theater major? It's now possible at Salt Lake Community College!

The theater degree is now official and listed as a program of study in the school catalog. Students can choose between an acting track or a technical track.

Whether you want a career on stage or you want to work behind the scenes of theater productions, take the first step and get your degree at SLCC!

For more information, contact:
• Acting track: Julie Heaton
• Technical track: Jon Clark

Note: Courses which can be repeated for credit may be repeated for a maximum of six credits. THE 1150, THE 1190, and THE 1900 may be repeated as often as desired.

Contact Us
Julie Heaton, Program Director
Campus: South City, 1-075D
Phone: 801.957.3095