Radiologic Technology

Radiologic technologists are needed in every healthcare setting, from hospitals to physicians offices to research settings. The SLCC Radiologic Technology program offers a balance of instruction in radiology courses and clinical experiences that will give you the skills required for professional practice. You will gain clinical experience in a diverse range of environments with access to current radiological technology under the guidance of our highly knowledgeable and experienced faculty and staff. Successful completion of the program leads to an Associate of Applied Science degree, which will allow you to find employment in this exciting, technologically advanced field.

Our program offers a high success rate for our graduating students. Based on our most recent five year average, 95% of our students graduated from the program, 97% of our students passed the national certification exam on their first attempt, and 84% of our students found employment in the field of radiology within 12 months of graduation (with 100% of our class of 2014 students finding employment).

Please note that the SLCC Radiologic Technology program does not accept transfer credit from any other Radiologic Technology program. See our Admissions page for more information.

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