Social Work

Social Work students learn to provide professional services for emotionally, economically or socially disadvantaged persons. 

This introductory level program will acquaint students to the multi-faceted, multi-skilled Social Work profession.  Students learn issues in the provision of services to emotionally, economically, mentally or socially disadvantaged persons.  The program also requires internships where the student will learn to apply and further understand theoretical frameworks discussed in class. 

Due to numerous possibilities, it is suggested that students consult the Program Coordinator for information on how the higher education institutions accept credits for a given class.  For specific information, contact the institution in which the transfer of credit is desired or the Program Coordinator.

Seini Pahulu, MSW 
Program Advisor, Social Sciences & Education 
Taylorsville Redwood Campus
Office: AAB 237A 
Phone: 801-957-4294 

Brandi Benson
Administrative Assistant
Taylorsville Redwood Campus
Office: AAB 165
Phone: 801-957-5035

Dale Smith
Associate Dean
Education/Family & Humand Studies/Social Work