Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


See Surgical Technology Admission > Prerequisites for more information and the process.

Students are admitted into the program every fall semester. See Health Sciences Admission Deadlines.

There are 18 seats available per cohort every Fall Semester.

There is no waitlist for the SURG program.

Yes, the SURG TECH program applicant needs to submit the American Heart Association CPR (BLS) certification card upon application to the SURG TECH program.


Tuition and Student fees for college students for first semester, is $2,116.50 and for second semester, is $1,844.50. Estimated cost, for books and supplies, is $400 - $500. Tuition and fees are subject to change without notice. For high school applicants, see JATC Surgical Technology Concurrent Enrollment program.

The SURG TECH program takes 10 months to complete for SLCC college students and 16 months for Concurrent students. The program requires a total of 32 credit hours which does not include the prerequisite requirements.

No. In order to complete the Surg Tech program students must attend full-time. It takes 10 months for SLCC college students and for concurrent students 16 months.

There are no night time classes offered.

All SURG TECH courses are taught during the day. See SLCC Class Schedule.

SURG 1200 – Introduction to Surgical Technology, 10 cr
Prereq: Admission into program. Fundamentals course in Surgical Technology.

SURG 1250 – Advanced Surgical Theory, 10 cr
Prereq: SURG 1200 and BIOL 2320/2325. Course introduces students to more advanced surgical practices including surgical anatomy and procedures in the core surgical areas.

SURG 1500 – Surgical Procedures 1, 1 cr
Prereq: Admission into program. Coreq: SURG 1510. Course introduces student to more advanced surgical practices and surgical procedures.

SURG 1510 – Surgical Practicum I, 5 cr
Prereq: Admission into program. Coreq: SURG 1500. A cooperative education work experience in a clinical health facility under the direct supervision of the personnel in the facility. Student expected to meet objectives.

SURG 1600 – Comprehensive Surgical Technology, 1 cr
Prereq: Admission into program. Coreq: SURG 1610. A review of Surgical Technology knowledge learned throughout the program to prepare students to pass the Program Assessment exam, and the NBSTSA exam.

SURG 1610 – Surgical Practicum II, 5 cr
Prereq: Admission into program. Coreq: SURG 1600. Course is a co-op work experience in a clinical health facility under direct supervision of personnel in facility. Student is expected to meet certain objectives.

Sample Schedule (below)

Fall SemesterCRSpring SemesterCR
SURG 1500 Surgical Procedures 1
SURG 1200 Intro Surgical Technology 10 SURG 1510 Surgical Practicum I 5
SURG 1250 Adv Surgical Technology 10 SURG 1600 Comprehensive Surg Tech 1
SURG 1610 Surgical Practicum II 5
Total 20 Total 12

*APA Referencing section highly recommended.

For first semester, SURG TECH courses are offered 8:00 a.m. to 11:50 a.m. followed by a lab; and once-a-week, in the late afternoon, a course is offered from 5:00 p.m. to 6:50 p.m. In the second semester, students are placed at clinical sites from 6:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., Monday thru Friday.

Financial Aid & Scholarships

See Financial Aid for more information on types of aid, eligibility, scholarships/tuition waivers, college tuition and student fees.