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School of Arts, Communication & Media

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School of Arts, Communication & Media

Richard Scott - Dean
Office: South City Campus, 2-101A
Phone: 801-957-3334
Fax: 801-957-3337

Rebeca Perez - Administrative Assistant to Dean Scott
Office: South City Campus, 2-101C
Phone: 801-957-3333
Fax: 801-957-3337

Division of Communication and Performing Arts

Nick Burns - Associate Dean
Office: South City Campus, 1-159B
Phone: 801-957-3097
Fax: 801-957-3681

Marlenne Morales-Riqueno - Administrative Assistant to Associate Dean Burns
Office: South City Campus, 1-159C
Phone: 801-957-3098

Division Office
Office: South City Campus, 1-159
Phone: 801-957-3099

Communication Department

Tamra Phillips - Coordinator
Office: Taylorsville Redwood Campus, TB 316D
Phone: 801.957.4806

Zac Hodge - Program Manager for the Student Media Center
Office: South City Campus, 1-087A
Phone: 801-957-3064

Performing Arts Department


Division of Visual Art & Design

Bryan Griggs - Associate Dean
Office: South City Campus, 2-059H
Phone: 801-957-3041

Cindy Denos - Secretary to Associate Dean Griggs
Office: South City Campus, 2-059E
Phone: 801-957-3042


Kevin King - Coordinator
Office: Taylorsville Redwood Campus, TB 416E
Phone: 801-957-3932

Fashion Institute / Interior Design

Mojdeh Sakaki - Director
Office: Library Square Campus, LSC 105
Phone: 801.957.2017

Visual Art & Design - Faculty Specialization Representatives

Chad Erekson - Animation
Office: South City Campus, 2-096
Phone: 801-957-3247

Kerry Gonzales - Design
Office: Taylorsville-Redwood Campus, AD 330
Phone: 801.957.4038

Neal Reiland - Multi-Media
Office: South City Campus, 2-059K
Phone: 801-957-3372

Terry Martin - Photography
Office: South City Campus, 2-042
Phone: 801-957-3173

Andrew Wilson - Web Design
Office: South City Campus, 2-059L
Phone: 801-957-3360


Samual Curley - Advisor
Office: South City Campus, SCM-1-161M
Phone: 801-957-3114

Gordon Storrs - Advisor
Office: South City Campus, SCM-W138
Phone: 801-957-3125

Center for Arts and Media

Josh Elstein - Program Manager
Office: South City Campus, 2-099C
Phone: 801-957-3127
Fax: 801-957-3337

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Enrollment Info: 801-957-4073

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