Business Management

The Program

All of the business programs are accredited by the Association of Collegiate Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP). This accreditation represents the achievement of meeting the high national standards established for associate-degree granting business programs.

General education and elective courses provide training in effective oral and written communication and human relation skills. BUS 1050, BUS 2200, COMM 1010,  MGT 2070 and MGT 2500 are taught using group and team activities in the learning process to develop the student's interactive skills and to build human values and ethics.

Business Degrees and Certificates


Business Associate of Arts and Business Associate of Science degrees are designed as transfer degrees to business schools at four-year institutions within the Utah System of Higher Education.  The Associate of Arts degree requires the study of a foreign language.  Initial transfer information can be obtained through the Academic Advisor, Redwood Road Campus, Business Building, Room 132A.

Business Management 

The Business Management Department offers a Certificate of Completion and Associate of Applied Science degrees in Business Management, Business Management Production Operations and Supply Chain Management Emphasis, and Small Business Management.  These areas are designed to lead to employment as managers, manager-trainees, production planners and schedulers, engineering assistants, inventory control technicians, entrepreneurs, and a variety of other positions.

Students who are interested in pursuing courses leading to a Bachelor's Degree in Business Management areas should follow the courses in the Business AS or Business AA degrees listed above.  

Business Management Degree

Business management includes the study of business theory and principles applied in the many activities of business today, both nationally and worldwide. Emphasis is given to problem solving and decision making to prepare the graduate with decision skills for a variety of career areas.

Business Management Production Operations and Supply Chain Management Emphasis

The Production Operations and Supply Chain Management program focuses on the production/operations, supply chain design and management, logistics, quality, and lean principles required to produce goods and services. Efficient management of production and service systems requires an understanding of these activities. Recent business globalization, fast response time requirement, short product life cycle, high quality and low cost product and service requirements, investment in supply chain and logistics, removal of non-value added activities (waste reduction), high customer expectations, and technological advancements are changing the ways of conducting businesses. These have also created new challenges. This program provides the students with the necessary background, understanding, and concepts that will help them meet the challenges of today’s dynamic business environment and become productive employees or business owners.

Small Business Management Emphasis

The small business management program trains students to become successful entrepreneurs. The course of study emphasizes special skills necessary to introduce a business idea into the marketplace and manage the growth of the business to ensure profitability.

Certificate of Completion

The Business Management One-Year Certificate is a one-year course of study surveying essentials of business management.  The certificate includes the study of business theory and principles, which are important to both a national and global perspective.

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