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For over 25 years, the Culinary Arts program at SLCC has been preparing students to become food service professionals.

Located at the Miller Campus, the Culinary Arts building is a free-standing facility which includes a large dynamic kitchen with modern equipment, and multiple classrooms. The beautiful facility includes more than 10,000 square feet of training space including a demonstration kitchen, gas and electric kitchens, refrigerator, dry storage space, and dining room.

Upon graduation from the SLCC Culinary Institute culinary arts program you will receive an Associate of Applied Science degree.

Things About Us

Cohort Year* Graduation Rate (%) Job Placement Rate (%) ACF Certification Rate (%)
2015 Cohort 28.75% 87.5% 0%
2016 Cohort 25.2% 86% 1.8%
2017 Cohort 31.45% 85% 2%
2018 Cohort 30.43% 85% 2%
2019 Cohort 33.64% 85.7% 2%
2020 Cohort 43% 89% ≤2%

*The cohort year is defined at 150% timeframe.

Students of all ages, backgrounds and experience are welcome.