The associate in engineering degree is offered in eight engineering disciplines. It is a transfer degree similar to the associate of science degree, but has reduced general education requirements. Students who wish to complete their general education at SLCC may earn a certificate of completion.

SLCC Engineering programs offer the first two-years of a four-year engineering degree.

These programs include a strong emphasis on mathematics and physical science, as well as introductory engineering courses specific to each discipline, such as engineering mechanics (Statics and Dynamics), thermodynamics, electrical circuits and materials science.

SLCC has articulation agreements with Utah State University and University of Utah. Students wishing to transfer to other institutions are encouraged to communicate directly with advisors at that institution.

Many community college engineering programs focus on Engineering Technology. SLCC's program is designed with Engineering Science in mind, and is transferable to ABET accredited programs at the University of Utah and Utah State University (ABET is the nationally recognized accredited for the engineering profession). Other community colleges have an introductory engineering program, but SLCC has the most diverse and extensive offerings.

A variety of SLCC courses are offered both Fall and Spring semester, and many include both day and evening sections. A full summer set of offerings are also available.

Program Contacts

Department Coordinator

Jim Smith
Taylorsville Redwood Campus
SI 229
Phone: 801-957-4246

Academic Advisor

Sandra Garcia
Taylorsville Redwood Campus
Science Building 201 B
Phone: 801-957-4858