Parking Services

Parking Regulations

Parking citations are issued by Parking Services to encourage compliance with the parking  regulations.  Fines resulting from illegal parking are the responsibility of the person registered to the parking permit.  In the absence of a parking permit, the registered owner will be determined by using state records. All outstanding and future parking violations will be linked to the appropriate student, faculty/staff or individual.  Parking citations are first linked to current students who live at the same address as the registered owner of the vehicle.  

Summary of Parking Rules

1. All motor vehicles parked at any of the SLCC Campuses must use the college parking system in one of the following ways:

  • A valid parking permit must be purchased and displayed as stated on the back of the permit.
  • Park in a metered stall with meter fee paid.
  • Park in the Student Center visitor pay lot on the Taylorsville Redwood Campus.
  • Student or Faculty/Staff permits are not allowed at OTA/PTA or Dental Hygiene Stalls.

2. The responsibility for finding a legal parking space, as well as finding out where and when a parking permit is valid remains with the driver.

  • A solid yellow line on each side of the vehicle designates a STUDENT parking space.  A solid blue line on each side or a blue and yellow line on each side of the vehicle designates a FACULTY/STAFF parking space.
  • Lack of space does not justify violation of SLCC parking regulations.
  • Parking is permitted only in designated areas and only in accordance with all posted signs.

3. If a permit is NOT on a vehicle driven on campus, a temporary permit may be acquired at Parking Services, the South City Cashier,  the Jordan Cashier, at the main desk at Library Square, Airport, Westpointe, and Meadowbrook.

  • Individuals with current STICKERS will be issued two - one week courtesy permits and two - one day courtesy permits each semester.  If addition permits are needed, they must be purchased. 
  • Individuals with HANGTAGS must purchase a temporary day, week or month permit.
  • Notes or explanations left on vehicles are not considered authorizations to park.

 4. Permits must be displayed as instructed on the back of the permit to be valid, or a ticket will be issued.

  • STICKERS must be entirely adhered, with its own adhesive, to the lower left corner (driver's side) of the front windshield. 
  • HANGTAGS must be displayed on the rear-view mirror with date showing.

5. All annual permits expire on August 31 of the next year.

6. Replacement of the same type and year of a permit requires 75% of the current permit and a small fee.  Without the current permit, a new permit must be purchased.

7. If a permit is lost or stolen, a new one must be purchased. 

8. Purchase of a parking permit does not guarantee a space to park.

9. Parking regulations are enforced 24 hours a day.

 10. Your vehicle may be IMPOUNDED if:

  • If there are any UNPAID citations accumulated on an individual or vehicle.
  • Vehicle is parked in violation of a posted sign.
  • Vehicle is NOT parked in a stall.
  • Vehicle is parked overnight.

 11. A permit does not authorize parking at meters without paying.  Individuals parked at a non functioning meter are in violation and will be ticketed.

12. Motorcycles must park in designated motorcycle areas only or will be cited.

13.  Disabled stalls (excluding Taylorsville Redwood Visitor Paylot) require a SLCC disable permit AND a valid state disabled placard to be displayed to avoid being cited. 

14. Parking area allocations are subject to change and it is the driver's responsibility to watch for signs and be aware of such changes. All students and employees are expected to know and cooperate in respecting these SLCC Parking Regulations.