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Financial Aid 2016-2017 Academic year

Verification Forms

Optional Forms

  • Update Form - Use this form to change your enrollment status or make us aware of anything else you need to tell us.
  • Request to Continue Funding After Graduation - If you have earned a degree or certificate at SLCC and wish to continue to apply for Financial Aid, you will need to fill out this form.
  • Additional Federal Direct Unsubsidized Stafford Loan Application - All pages must be completed before meeting with a Financial Aid Advisor
  • Federal Direct PLUS Application - This form should be used by dependent students and their parents to request a PLUS loan.

Appeals Forms

  • Appeal for Independent Status - Students who do not qualify for independent status on the federal financial aid application may request a review of their status. Students wishing to be considered independent must demonstrate that they have unusual circumstances.
  • Special Consideration Request - Students who have experienced a significant change in their financial status may request special consideration. Students must meet with a Financial Aid Advisor to submit this form.
  • Evaluation of Maximum Time Frame - Instructions for students who have been informed that they are at or near the maximum number of allowed credit hours.
  • Appeal to Extend Maximum Time Frame -Instructions for students who have been informed that their evaluation of Maximum Time Frame has been denied.
  • Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal - This form is used to request exceptions to various policies.
  • Selective Service Appeal - Students who have been instructed that they need to do an appeal regarding Selective Service registration are to use this form and follow the instructions on the form.