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Student Clubs Contract Requests

This procedure streamlines and clarifies the steps, timing, and information required for Clubs and Organizations, SLCC Student Association (SLCCSA), and Thayne Center staff within the contract request process. The Thayne Center supports student led contract initiatives by navigating these processes and seeing them through to completion.

Complete this Clubs and Orgs Contract Request form thirty (30) days in advance. It takes less than fifteen (15) minutes and requires entering the following information:

  • The billing index code for your club or organization
  • Advisor or approver name
  • Name, phone, and email address of your contractor
  • Any payment amounts, deposits, commitments, and timelines made to the contractor
  • Event date and time
  • A description of what the contractor will be providing
  • Any additional provisions that the contractor or your group has asked for, and any other information related to the contract

Step 1.      Begin thirty (30) days in advance. Student leaders or club advisors sign in to Campus Groups using their MySLCC login credentials. Call the Thayne Center Coordinator, Business Operations at 801-957-3939 if you are unable to sign in.

Step 2.      Once logged in to Campus Groups, student leaders or club advisors open and complete the Clubs and Orgs Contract Request form.

Step 3.      Processing contract requests may take up to thirty (30) business days. Once the Thayne Center Coordinator, Business Operations receives the completed contract request form, they will email the contractor to obtain all documents and information necessary to get them set up and approved for the event. The student leader or club advisor will be notified via email of updates and may need to assist with additional follow up between the Thayne Center and the Contractor.

Step 4.      Once the Purchasing Department receives the final signed contract from the vendor

  • The Purchasing Director will send a copy of the signed contract to the Thayne Center Coordinator, Business Operations and Accounts Payable.
  • Accounts Payable will process any partial pre-payments with three (3) days of receipt of the signed contract.
  • The Thayne Center Coordinator, Business Operations will send a copy of the signed contract to the submitter and advisor.

Step 5.      Within two (2) business days after the event, the Thayne Center Coordinator, Business Operations will email the submitter and advisor to confirm the contractor executed their responsibilities as expected and are approved to pay. Once confirmed, the Thayne Center Coordinator, Business Operations will submit the contract for final payment.


Are contracts able to be prepaid?
Utah State Government Organizations, like Salt Lake Community College, cannot fully prepay any contract. The most we can pay before services are completed is 50% of the total cost of the contract.

What is a contract?

Contracts covered by this form are defined as agreements, Memorandums of Understanding (MOU), and other legal documents that would obligate or create liability on the part of the college, regardless of the dollar amount (including contracts without cost).

How do I know if I need a contract?

Below are some common examples requiring contracts. This list of contracts is not all inclusive. If your event or group needs a contract, reach out to the Thayne Center Coordinator Business Operations at 801-957-3939.

  • You recruit an individual or organization to come and present to your group at no charge. 
  • You are hiring/paying for a speaker at an upcoming event. 
  • You are hosting an event and paying a DJ. 
  • You are renting games and equipment for use at Casino Night. 
  • You are using motor pool to drive students to and from SLCC.
    • This requires Thayne Center, group advisor, and motor pool involvement.
  • Your group wants to bring in therapy animals for a destress event.

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