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Thayne Center Purpose

Thayne Center LogoWe envision a world in which people's basic needs are met and in which the values of equality and social justice are realized. We believe institutions of higher education have a responsibility to cultivate an engaged citizenry. We are therefore dedicated to empowering our students and faculty to realize they have the knowledge and skills to affect positive change in their community.

Thayne Center Values

We establish capacity-building relationships with community organizations, facilitate service-learning development opportunities for faculty, and coordinate service leadership programs for students who are out to change the world.

Thayne Center Learning Outcomes

Competency: Critical & Reflective Thinking
Learning Outcome: Identify and describe a community's needs, assets, and social structures.
Learning Outcome: Critically examine the root causes and effects of these social structures on individuals, communities, and nations.
Learning Outcome: Analyze, synthesize, and evaluate the connections between personal capabilities and ethical responsibilities to affect social change.

Competency: Collaborative Leadership
Learning Outcome: Recognize the leadership skills required to work collaboratively with diverse peers, comparing those skills to other leadership styles.
Learning Outcome: Employ the social change model of leadership to mobilize others to take action in the community.

Competency: Lifelong commitment to effecting social change
Learning Outcome: Implement the knowledge and skills required for active participation in the community in an informed, committed, and constructive manner, engaging in various forms of individual and collective action in both directly political and non-political ways.

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