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Salt Lake Community College recognizes the value and importance of community in the academic success of its students. Student clubs create opportunities for students to build connections with faculty, staff, and other students outside of the classroom. SLCC has over 50 student clubs ranging from special interest to academic-related to multicultural clubs. Through these clubs, students are not only able to develop leadership skills, but also create relationships through community engagement and enhance their overall college experience.

Student Clubs Information

Are you interested in starting a new club? You can enrich the college experience for you and other students by creating a community with shared interests. 

Instructions to Start a New Club

  1. Recruitment 5 currently enrolled students and a club advisor. (Club Advisors must be a full-time staff or faculty member.
  2. Attend Pre-Orientation with your club advisor. Email to schedule.
  3. Complete the following paperwork:
    1. Start/Reactivate of Club/Organization Form
    2. Club Constitution
    3. Club President Commitment
    4. Club Advisor Agreement
  4. Present club to the Inter-Club Council for approval.

Once you have completed Steps 1-4, your documents will be review by a Student Clubs Peer Leader. Following this, a peer leader will contact you to schedule a time for you to attend an Inter-Club Council meeting. At this meeting, you will present information from the documents you submitted, and the council will vote to approve or deny. 

A peer leader will follow up with the results of the vote. If approved, they will provide more information about training, Campus Groups, and funding. 

If you have additional questions, please email


Every year clubs need to submit the following forms if they would like to remain a SLCC-recognized club. 

  1. Start/Reactivate of Club/Organization Form
  2. Club President Commitment
  3. Club Advisor Agreement

All forms must be completed before the Fall Student Clubs Conference.

If a student club has been inactive for more than two years, the club will need to follow the steps for starting a new club to reactivate it. 

Inter-Club Council (ICC) is the decision-making body for the student clubs program made up of student club presidents. Matters brought before ICC may include approving new clubs, club funding proposals, collaboration opportunities, event announcements, institutional policy changes that impact students involved in clubs, and networking time for club representatives. If there are any issues regarding protocol or other concerns, they may also be presented.

ICC Meetings are held on the first Wednesday of the month from Noon-1 p.m.

Meetings are live streamed between the Jordan, South City, and Taylorsville Redwood Campus.

Every semester, the Student Clubs Conference is held and serves as the main training event for student clubs. The conference offers workshops that range from Campus Groups to event planning, community engagement to club continuity, all tailored towards advisors and new, continuing, and graduating club members. 

Who attends Student Clubs Conference?

All club members and club advisors. Student Clubs Conference is open to all club members, club presidents, and club advisors. 

*Club presidents and advisors are required to attend Student Clubs Conference to meet tier requirements. If you are not able to attend, please send someone on your behalf and let Anita Lui (, Coordinator for Student Clubs know. If you send someone on your behalf, please ensure that they share with you all relevant information. 

Why should I attend Student Clubs Conference?

Your presence at the conference ensures that you are gaining the knowledge needed to best support your club. As club leaders and advisors, your club turns to you for guidance, mentorship, and support. With the implementation of the new tier funding model, we want to ensure that you are given the training and resources to meet tier requirements, continue to receive club funding, and learn best approaches to helping your club maintain SLCC recognition. 

The conference is also a leadership opportunity that provides training on how to lead an SLCC-recognized club and build community for SLCC students. 


Dates for Fall 2023 and Spring 2024 Student Clubs Conference will be announced soon! 

Thank you for attending Spring Student Clubs Conference. The PowerPoint presentations from the workshops are available on Campus Groups We are in the process of editing the recordings from the conference. Once those have been completed, we will share them on the Student Clubs webpage and Campus Groups.

To request information about your club index and account balance, please email

As an SLCC-recognized club, clubs are able to request additional funding to help support your events, program, and other activities throughout the year. Clubs can request up to $2,750 once an academic year and must present their request to Inter-Club Council who will vote to approve the funding. The number of one-time funding available is limited and will be available on a first come, first serve basis. 

Guidelines for requesting One-Time Funding are located in the Student Clubs Manual

All clubs who received one-time funding will submit a 5-minute presentation to be shared with ICC and the SLCC community. These presentations need to be submitted by the end of each semester.

The number of one-time funding and publicity marketing requests are limited. Please return to this webpage for updates of the amount of these services remaining. 

  • One Time Funding: 0 requests remaining
  • Publicity and Marketing:  -

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