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Remediation Service

Remediation Request

Please use the Remediation Request link to submit any resource, including a Word document, PDF, PowerPoint, or an image for ADA compliance and usability. All uploads must be digital, including print-only resources. Please allow for a minimum of 2 business days to receive your remediated submission. A remediator will follow up with you shortly after your submission to confirm additional details and provide an estimated time of completion.

For same day requests, email directly.

If you have additional questions or concerns, please email the Universal Access Coordinator at

captioning request


Accessibility is the practice of removing barriers for people with diverse needs. Specifically, accessible resources and spaces provide an equal opportunity for people to maneuver and interpret things, whether its educational resources, workplace information or digital platforms.

Salt Lake Community College (SLCC) prioritizes accessibility for all of its resources to ensure barrier-free access to all people. People are SLCC’s most valuable asset, and it is our responsibility to ensure that people with diverse needs – students, employees, and members of the public – enjoy equal access to College resources, opportunities, and environments.