Bruin Spotlight

Lianna Kinard
VP of Marketing, Buckner

Hometown City: Mililani, Hawaii
SLCC Concentration: Business Marketing, 2007
Connect with Lianna

What was your pathway to SLCC?

I moved to Utah from Hawaii and knew I should attend community college prior to transferring to a larger university. I was paying for my education by myself and knew SLCC was the best option for me with a campus close by.

What is the best advice you received during your time here?

I took a communications class and feel like that gave me such a great foundation in confidence. My professor helped me find my voice and to stand tall with my thoughts and ideas.

What is a favorite memory on campus?

I attended class at the South City Campus in 2004. They used to have a swimming pool and I would swim laps between my morning classes and afternoon classes.

What is your favorite book you're current reading?

The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy.

What advice do you have for students at SLCC?

Network, get to really know your classmates. I wish I would have made more connections during my time at SLCC. So many amazing people from so many backgrounds.