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Alberta Henry Endowed Scholarship

The Alberta Henry Endowed Scholarship at SLCC was established in 2017 by the Alberta Henry Education Foundation, in memory of Ms. Alberta Henry, who was an influential civil rights advocate in the Salt Lake community for more than 40 years. The Alberta Henry Endowed Scholarship is for students at Salt Lake Community College who are dedicated to serving others through community service, which was one of Ms. Henry’s guiding principles in life.

If not for a ruptured appendix, Ms. Henry probably never would have settled in Utah. As it was, she came to Salt Lake City in 1949 to stay with friends while recovering from the operation and simply never left. After spending a short amount of time in Utah, Ms. Henry became convinced that God wanted her to be here and dedicated herself to helping Utah grow into a more equitable and culturally diverse community.

In Utah during the 1950’s, Black and African American’s were restricted to low-paying jobs in the service industry. Ms. Henry believed that the best way to change the future and help people fulfill their potential was through education. With the help of many community members and supporters, Ms. Henry rallied and fundraised for student scholarships. In 1967, she formally established the Alberta Henry Education Foundation, which has changed the lives of hundreds of students over the last 53 years.

Although Ms. Henry retired in the 1990’s, her legacy continued through the Alberta Henry Education Foundation. The Foundation board members worked tirelessly to advance access to education for Utah’s economically disadvantaged students for more than 20 years and ultimately decided to endow a scholarship at Salt Lake Community College, to ensure Ms. Henry’s legacy in our community would continue indefinitely. Learn more about Miss Alberta Henry and her inspiring story.

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