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SLCC is dedicated to affording opportunities to all students to participate in life-changing programs that encourage them to complete their degrees.

First Generation Student Support

With nearly half our students being the first in their families to attend college, we offer systems and programs that combine advising, counseling and coaching to help these students thrive.

Nadine Soweidan

Nadine Soweidan was working as a gas station cashier when a customer urged her to pursue an internship at a local aerospace company. As she explored the possibility, she found no internships were available, so she applied for a full-time position instead.

While she got the job, she needed additional education to succeed. Nadine turned to SLCC, and like many first-gen students, she faced challenges navigating the intricacies of attending college. She found help from SLCC's TRIO STEM program, which offers advising, mentoring, counseling and coaching to first-gen and low-income students.

With the help of TRIO, Nadine maintained a 3.9 grade point average at SLCC. Her eventual goal is to earn a master's degree in statistics or data analytics. "Because of SLCC, I can go anywhere," she said.

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Paid Internships

Internships enable our students to build on their education and abilities through real-world work experience, and Utah businesses benefit by gaining access to bright, young talent.

Stephanie Shin

Stephanie Shin's family moved from South Korea to the United States in 2013. A graduate of West High School, she completed her studies at SLCC in May 2020, earning an associate's degree in math education.

At SLCC, Stephanie worked as an intern for the college's Engaged Learning Office, which eventually led to a study abroad opportunity in Costa Rica. "Being part of the internship program was the biggest part of attending SLCC for me," Stephanie said. "Combined with my study abroad experience, my internship allowed me to discover other fields of study and gain skills in other areas."

Today, Stephanie is a student at the U and is pursuing a bachelor's degree in math education. Her goal is to eventually earn a master's degree so she can become a college professor.

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Service Learning

Service learning merges community service with instruction. Donor support allows students to create projects where they apply their knowledge to benefit others.

Ashlen Frederickson

When enrolled in English 1010 at SLCC, Ashlen Frederickson expected note-taking, lectures, and reading and writing assignments. Instead, she found herself involved in service learning, and the experience became a key part of her academic success.

For years, Ashlen dreamed of becoming a nurse but lacked confidence in knowing how to work through problems. Service learning helped change that. "I found joy in my classes because I could tie my learning to the real world. It opened a door in my brain to ask, 'How will this apply?', which is critical thinking at its core," she said. "I've gone from struggling to pass classes to being an A student."

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Study Abroad

SLCC offers several options for international study as well as domestic Alternative Spring Break programs. We hope to grow these life-changing opportunities and open spots for students who do not have the resources to participate.

Hawa Hassan Yarow

As an SLCC student, Hawa Hassan Yarow joined a study abroad expedition in Wai, India.

She and her fellow students worked with local tech college Surabhi Computers to use geographic information systems to map the community. The data gathered from this effort was used to improve Wai's postal system, local emergency response procedures and basic community infrastructure.

"My experience was life-changing," said Hawa. "The trip prompted me to double major in international studies and to do more service in the world. I gained a new global perspective on life and a better service-oriented aspiration for the future."

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Undergraduate Research

SLCC extends a wide range of research opportunities that help students translate classroom concepts into real-world applications. Our faculty aim to advance new programs that give students an edge in their studies.

Meghan Zonts

Meghan Zonts is one of several students helping SLCC identify and catalog where birds are dying due to window collisions. Her research is being used to predict bird collisions and develop appropriate mitigation measures.

Meghan, who is studying to become a travel nurse, is thrilled for the opportunity to engage in field work. "I expect to do more research in my professional life, so with more practice, I hope to become better at it," she said. She is also pleased her efforts are helping save a few birds along the way. "Humans have an obligation to take care of the other species that don't get as much of a say about what happens here on planet Earth."

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Honors Program

SLCC's new Honors Program is open to both high-achieving students and those with as-yet-untapped potential. Funding enables more students to benefit from this distinctive program.

Jessica Ducuara

Jessica Ducuara is one of SLCC's first Honors Program graduates. The new program is a partnership with the University of Utah designed to offer seamless transfer into the U of U Honors College.

With no GPA or testing requirements, SLCC's Honors Program focuses on students in underserved communities who demonstrate a curious intellect, a passion for learning, and who want to engage in undergraduate research, service learning and internships.

Jessica, who is now attending the U, is grateful for the unique opportunities afforded by SLCC. "The Honors program not only inspired me to expand my knowledge through discipline and persistence but guided me to turn my talents into valuable tools in the world of constant change," she said.

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