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Facilities Renovations, Remodeling, and New Construction


    Any new construction, remodeling or attachments to college facilities, grounds or utility infrastructure must have the associate vice president for Facilities Services prior written approval before any work may be commenced. This approval is to ensure safety, an acceptable aesthetic environment, fiscal responsibility, and minimize operational interference.

    1. Hazardous Waste Management System, 40 CFR pt. 260.
    2. State System of Higher Education, Utah Code Ann. § 53B.
    3. Utah Administrative Services Code, Utah Code Ann. § 63-5-101.
    4. Capital Facilities, Utah State Bd. of Regents r. 701.
    5. Non-State Funded Projects, Utah State Bd. of Regents r. 702.
    6. Capital Facilities Community Impact, Utah State Bd. of Regents r. 714.
    1. Attachment: Use of any mechanical fastener, permanent tape, adhesive compound, or permanent connection to affix any item to college facility or utility.
    2. Authorized Submitter: Any executive cabinet member, associate provost, associate or assistant vice president, dean or associate dean, director or assistant director and any employee approved in writing by an assistant vice president or dean.
    3. College Facility: All real property, buildings, grounds, sidewalks, roads, and utility infrastructure that the college owns, controls, leases, or maintains.
    4. Department Funded Services: Any facility construction or remodel, equipment or vehicle maintenance or repairs, and any other type of services funded by college departments.
    5. Digging Permit: Written college authorization to excavate soils, place fill material, grade, perform directional boring or core drilling, saw cutting, conduct paving operations on college grounds.
    6. Emergency: Circumstance that requires immediate action to prevent personal injury, property damage, or undue interference or stoppage of college operations or instructional programs.
    7. Operations and Maintenance (O&M) Services: Legislatively funded work performed to construct, remodel, maintain, or repair any college facility.
    8. Penetration of Wall and Ceiling Permit: Written authorization required to penetrate any wall or ceiling structure on any college facility.
    9. Remodel: Any work that modifies a permanently constructed college facility, including, but not limited to installation, maintenance, repair, alteration, penetration, replacement or removal related to: doors, windows, walls, floors and ceilings; utility and fire suppression systems; interior finishes, carpeting and painting; lighting; and department installed equipment attached to a college building.
    10. Roof Access Permit: Written authorization to access the college facility roof.
    11. Sidewalk Permit-Written authorization to operate motor vehicle on sidewalk area.
    12. Work Order: A request to conduct general repair work to a college facility and does not include construction or remodeling work.
    13. Utility Connection Permit: Written authorization to make an attachment to college’s plumbing, electrical, wastewater, heating, cooling, internet, or other utility infrastructure.
    1. Responsibility to Administer Operations, Maintenance and Renovations to College Facilities.
      1. The associate vice president for Facilities Services is responsible for administering the following functions through authorized designees:
        1. Oversight, planning, implementation, and approval of:
          1. all operations and maintenance services and department funded services; and
          2. any construction or remodeling activity that involves the construction, alteration, modification, or attachment.
        2. The budgeting, funding, and payment of all operational and maintenance services for all facilities and grounds.
        3. The presentation of a written report to the executive cabinet regarding all construction and remodeling activity at college facilities.
        4. The delivery of the services for all campus facilities, including maintenance or operation of the following:
          1. walls, floors, and roofs;
          2. grounds, sidewalks, roads, and parking lots;
          3. heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems;
          4. electrical infrastructure;
          5. primary and secondary water and wastewater systems;
          6. keys and access systems;
          7. signage;
          8. fleet motor vehicles and heavy equipment;
          9. custodial services;
          10. painting of all facilities;
          11. installation, selection, movement and removal of furniture and equipment;
          12. architectural services and construction management;
          13. coordination of real property sale purchase, and lease;
          14. environmental health and safety and energy management;
          15. fire protection systems; and
          16. solid waste management and recycling.
    2. Approval of Construction and Remodeling Activities
      1. State of Utah Building Board approval is required for the following college construction and remodeling activities:
        1. All capital development projects of $2,500,000 or more; and
        2. All capital improvement projects to be funded by this board.
      2. The executive cabinet’s approval is required for all construction and remodeling activities authorized by the college internal informed budget process.
      3. All department funded construction and remodeling activities require approval by the appropriate vice president and the vice president for Finance and Administration.
      4. The college’s Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) coordinator must be consulted on all new construction and remodeling projects.
      5. No approval determination, as authorized by subsection IV.B.2 and 3, should be made until Facilities Services has provided a recommendation.
    3. Reporting and Prioritization of Construction and Remodeling Projects
      1. Facilities Services will provide to the executive cabinet a written report of proposed and active substantive construction and remodeling projects.
      2. This report shall be in a format and frequency as determined by the college president; however, this report shall include:
        1. all capital development and capital improvement projects approved by the State of Utah Building Board;
        2. all capital improvement projects authorized and funded by the college’s internal informed budget process; and
        3. all department funded and any other construction and remodeling activities authorized by the vice president for Finance and Administration.
      3. Facilities Services will prepare a written recommendation which prioritizes proposed construction and remodeling projects. This recommendation will be presented to the executive cabinet which will review and approve or reject, in whole or part.
    4. Department Funded Services
      1. Facilities Services shall be responsible for planning, coordinating, approving, and overseeing any construction, remodeling, alteration, or attachment to a college facility requested by any college department.
      2. All department-initiated projects shall be paid for by the department requesting the service.
        1. This obligation shall include planning, design, operations, and maintenance of space.
        2. This obligation shall include the installation, operations, and maintenance of equipment acquired with department funds.
        3. The responsible budget center manager shall coordinate payments.
    5. Requirements and Process to Request Department Funded Services.
      1. Work Order
        1. An authorized submitter requesting department funded services must complete a work order or FIX IT request.
        2. Work requests must include a department billing cost code for funds to be used.
        3. An authorized submitter must submit a work order to the associate vice president for Facilities Services or designee.
        4. An authorized Facilities Services department employee will evaluate the work order request, and if approved, the repair service will be provided.
        5. Unless the work order request is considered operational and maintenance services, the cost for material, labor, overhead, and other expenses will be the responsibility of the department. A minimum service charge of $20.00 will be added for each work order.
      2. Remodeling
        1. A division or department seeking to or remodel a college facility must complete a space need request.  
          1. The appropriate vice president or authorized designee must approve the request.
          2. The request must include a department billing cost code for funds to be used to pay for the requested remodel.
          3. All remodeling costs will be charged to the department’s billing code unless the remodel is considered an operational and maintenance service.
        2. An authorized submitter must submit a remodel request to the director of Planning and Design or designee.
        3. The director of Planning and Design or associate vice president will evaluate the request with the appropriate vice president.
          1. The request will be evaluated, prioritized, and scheduled by the workload and budget parameters.
          2. Additional documentation may be requested to assist in preparing a cost estimate and scope of work.
        4. The college’s director of Planning and Design must approve all remodeling or attachments to a college facility before any remodeling work starts.
        5. These requirements are applicable for all remodeling work performed by Facilities Services or an outside contractor.
    6. Emergency Requests

      Any person observing an emergency condition at any college facility should immediately report the emergency condition to the department of Facilities Services as follows:

      1. During regular business hours: (801)-957-3911 or;
      2. After business hours (801) 898-4910;
      3. Weekdays from 10:30 p.m. until 6:00 a.m. and weekends.
    7. Other Permit Activities
      1. The following activities require a written request for a Facilities Service department permit:
        1. Digging, directional boring, coring, saw cutting and site work require a digging permit.
        2. Utility connections require a utility connection permit.
        3. Penetration of wall or ceiling requires a ceiling and wall permit.
        4. Roof access requires a roof access permit
        5. Operating motor vehicle on sidewalk area requires a sidewalk permit
      2. The permit must be obtained at least 72 hours before the utility connection is to be made. Designated Facilities Services employees are authorized to waive this time requirement.
      3. A Facilities Services employee must supervise each of these activities.
      4. Department rules for these type of activities are located on the Facilities Services website.
      5. In the event of an emergency, the executive director of Public Safety or designee is exempt from these permit requirements.
      6. No college permit is required for the removal or disposal of hazardous materials. However, because federal or state hazardous material laws may be applicable, the college’s environmental health and safety manager must be notified before the removal or disposal of any hazardous materials.
    8. Enforcement of Policy
      1. Any department that violates this policy and proceeds to do work will be responsible for all costs associated with the necessary work required to bring unauthorized work into compliance with college standards.
      2. Any fees, fines, or penalties that are assessed for violations of public codes and requirements are also the responsibility of the department.
      3. The college may pursue corrective action against faculty or staff who violate this policy.
      4. The college may also pursue disciplinary proceedings under the Code of Student Rights and Responsibilities for students or student organizations who violate this policy.

Date of last cabinet review: July 21, 2020

The originator of this policy & procedure is Facilities Services. Questions regarding this policy may be directed to the originator by calling 801-957-4101.