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Emeritus Status


    Emeritus status honors former faculty, staff and administrators whose contributions have made Salt Lake Community College one of the finest community colleges in the nation. In granting this status, SLCC recognizes the great advantages of maintaining an association with excellent employees who have retired. Emeritus status shall be granted in accordance with prescribed procedures as outlined in the accompanying procedures document.




    See PWC Definitions.

    1. Eligibility

      Retired employees shall be eligible for emeritus status when:

      1. they retire from full-time service;
      2. they have been employed full time at SLCC for at least ten years preceding retirement; and
      3.  they have been nominated.
    2. Selection for Emeritus Status:
      1. Nominations for emeritus status shall be made by a current full-time college employee who has sufficient knowledge regarding the background of the employee.
      2. The person nominating the individual shall:
        1. complete the Emeritus Nomination Form, and
        2. submit it and any other required documentation to the employee’s supervisor.
      3. The nomination form and supporting documentation must be submitted to the Human Resources office by the first Friday in March.
      4. The Human Resources office will notify the nominee of the decision.
    3. Guidelines Regarding Emeritus Status
      1. Emeritus Rank

        Staff emeritus rank will be associated with the retired employee’s position title at the time of retirement, e.g., full professor emeritus, associate professor emeritus, assistant professor emeritus, and instructor emeritus.

      2. Once awarded, emeritus status continues in perpetuity unless the recipient violates college policies and procedures.
      3. The college president may revoke emeritus status at any time.
      4. Individuals who are awarded emeritus status shall not speak for or publicly represent the college without prior written permission from the college president.
    4. Benefits of Emeritus Status
      1. Benefits of emeritus status are established by the executive cabinet. A current listing of benefits can be found at the SLCC human resources website.
      2. Emeritus status involves no duties and provides no stipends or remuneration. Individuals who are awarded emeritus status are not considered employees.

Date of last cabinet review: July 30, 2019

The originator of this policy & procedure is Human Resources. Questions regarding this policy may be directed to the originator by calling 801-957-4210.