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Bereavement Leave


The college provides employees with time away from work with pay to deal with issues surrounding the death of an immediate family member. The college recognizes employees have diverse cultural backgrounds, and cultural practices around mourning differ.

  1. Utah Code 53B-1-402 (9)
  2. Utah Code Section 78B-6-101 et. seq. Utah Adoption Act
  3. Utah Code Section 78B, Chapter 15, Part 8 Utah Uniform Parentage Act
  4. Utah System of Higher Education R821-3.4 Employee Benefits

See Personnel Definitions.

  1. The college grants full-time employees up to three days of time off with pay for bereavement leave for the following circumstances:
    1. death or funeral of immediate family members, including: parent, sibling, spouse, child, grandparent, grandchild, or domestic partner;
    2. death or funeral of in-laws of the immediate family, step-relatives, and domestic partner relatives of the same degree;
    3. following the end of the employee’s pregnancy by way of miscarriage or stillbirth; and
    4. following the end of another individual’s pregnancy by way of a miscarriage or stillbirth if:
      1. the employee is the individual’s spouse or partner; or
      2. the employee is the individual’s former spouse or partner, and the employee is a biological parent of a child born because of the pregnancy; or
      3. the employee provides documentation to show that the individual intended for the employee to be an adoptive parent; or
      4. if a child were born because of the pregnancy or under a valid gestational agreement, as defined in Utah Code, the employee would have been a parent of a child born because of the pregnancy.
  2. Bereavement leave days may be taken non-consecutively.
  3. Employees taking leave time in addition to the three days of bereavement leave should use other available leave and then leave without pay if no other leave is available.
  4. People & Workplace Culture (“PWC”) considers employee cultural practices when reviewing requests for exceptions to this policy.
    1. Any exceptions to the immediate family definition as outlined in sections 4.A.1 and 4.A.2 must be approved by PWC for bereavement leave.
    2. Employees wishing to attend the funeral of relatives not listed above may request other available leave or leave without pay.

Date of last executive cabinet review: October 24, 2023

The originator of this policy and procedure is People & Workplace Culture. Questions regarding this policy may be directed to the originator by calling 801-957-4210.