Staff Development Leave


    The college provides opportunities for members of the Staff Association to apply for staff development leave to continue their pursuit of continuing educational and/or professional opportunities that are not currently provided by the institution.




    See PWC Definitions.

    1. Eligibility
      1. Staff development leave is a leave of absence with compensation for one year, or a portion thereof, for full-time, exempt and non-exempt staff to permit them to obtain or update their qualifications.
      2. Eligibility for staff development leave is open to all full-time, exempt and non- exempt staff that have been employed by the college continuously for a minimum of six years at the time of application.
      3. The total number of staff development leaves granted in any fiscal year shall not exceed one-half of one percent of the total number of full-time staff members.
      4. Performance evaluations by the staff member's supervisor should reflect an overall rating of satisfactory or above.
    2. Application for staff development leave shall be made in writing and provide, as a minimum, the following information:
      1. A statement of purpose for requesting staff development leave and a detailed description of activities including:
        1. The degree or program to be obtained including background of the institution's accreditation status;
        2. Work within industry on internships/externships;
        3. Teaching/consulting at other institutions, including international locations; or
        4. Other purposes.
      2. A statement of the benefits to the department and employee and the institution including:
        1. a letter from the applicant;
        2. a letter from supervisor indicating how the staff development leave will impact the department and if the supervisor supports it; and
        3. other supporting statements and/or documents.
      3. The inclusive dates of staff development leave requested.
    3. Application Timetable
      1. The staff member submits a completed application to their immediate supervisor by January 15.
      2. The staff member's immediate supervisor will submit the application packet to the appropriate second level supervisor, who will then submit the application to the vice president no later than February 1.
      3. The vice president will submit his/her recommendations along with relevant paperwork to the president for final approval no later than February 15.
      4. Upon final approval by the president, the selection is sent to the board of trustees as an information item no later than March 15.
      5. The selected applicant(s) will be notified of the president's decision on or before April 1.
    4. Criteria for Review of Applications

      Considerations used in reviewing the applications and selecting individuals for staff development leave shall be as follows:

      1. the date of staff member's employment (for qualification purposes only);
      2. the timely submission of application;
      3. any previous staff development leaves granted;
      4. the support of staff member's supervisor and/or department;
      5. the purpose for requesting and details of the leave request including:
        1. degree seeking studies;
        2. non-degree seeking studies;
        3. travel justification;
        4. teaching/consulting; or
        5. work within industry on internships/externships.
      6. a statement of the benefits to the department and employee and the institution including:
        1. a letter from the applicant;
        2. a letter from supervisor indicating how the staff development leave will impact the department and if the supervisor supports it; and
        3. other supporting documentation.
      7. the quality of preparation and planning.
    5. Compensation
      1. Compensation while on staff development leave shall be 75 percent of the staff member's base salary.
      2. Payments will be made to the staff member in semi-monthly payments as prescribed by the current college payroll system.
      3. All deductions for federal, state, FICA and other approved deductions to which the staff member would ordinarily be entitled will be reflected on the payroll document.
      4. Staff members on staff development leave will continue to accrue vacation, sick leave and current benefits package that will be prorated at 75 percent.
      5. Staff members who have elected the Utah State Retirement System should contact the Benefits Section of Human Resources to determine the effect of staff development leave on retirement benefits.
      6. Staff members may accept outside compensation while on staff development leave.
    6. Staff Development Leave Agreement
      1. Acceptance of staff development leave certifies agreement to complete the goals and/or program of the leave as agreed and complete at least one full year of service following the staff development leave.
      2. Upon completion of staff development leave, the staff member shall submit a report outlining the benefits of their experiences to their supervisor and the president of the college. This report will be due to the staff member's supervisor and the president no later than 30 days following the staff member's return to regular duty.
      3. If a staff member chooses not to return to the college at the end of staff development leave, or within one year, any compensation received from the college during the leave shall be repaid in full within 15 calendar days of the completion of the staff development leave, or when the staff member notifies the college of their decision not to return to their position.
      4. The appropriate cabinet member will submit a staff development leave summary report to the president as an informational item to the board of trustees.

Last Cabinet Review: May 15, 2007

The originator of this policy & procedure is Human Resources. Questions regarding this policy may be directed to the originator by calling 801-957-4210.