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Tuition Benefits

    It is the policy of Salt Lake Community College to provide tuition waiver benefits to all qualified employees, retirees, the board of trustees’ members, and the dependents of each.
    1. Tuition Waiver and Scholarship, Utah Code Ann. §§ 53B-8-101–304.
    2. Employee Benefits, Utah System of Higher Educ., r. 821.
    See PWC Definitions.
    1. Eligibility
      1. Full-time employees and their dependent are eligible immediately upon employment.
      2. Members of the board of trustees and their dependents are eligible upon the board members’ appointments.
      3. Adjunct faculty members and one of their dependents are eligible after the faculty members:
        1. has finished teaching their first semester; and
        2. has an active teaching assignment for the semester for which the waiver is being submitted.
        3. The employee does not need an active teaching agreement for themselves or their dependent to be eligible for a summer semester tuition waiver.
      4. Part-time hourly employees are eligible after two years of consecutive employment.
      5. Work-study students do not qualify for this benefit.
      6. Retirees of the college and their dependents are eligible if the retiree has completed ten or more years of continuous full-time service immediately before retirement.
      7. Eligible dependents include:
        1. a legal spouse;
        2. a domestic partner; and
        3. natural or legally adopted children under the age of twenty-six, including the children of an employee’s spouse or domestic partner, and the children for whom the employee has legal guardianship.
      8. SLCC’s assistant attorney general and their dependents are eligible for this benefit while assigned to the college.
      9. Persons falling into more than one category will receive the most generous benefits for which they are eligible.
    2. Benefit
      1. The college will waive resident and non-resident tuition rates for all eligible individuals. Utah residency requirements can be found here.
      2. The individual registered for courses will be required to pay special fees, such as laboratory fees, course texts, and other expenses before the tuition due date. Late fees and collection fees will apply to accounts with delinquent balances.
      3. Full-time employees and board of trustee members may register for 12 credit hours per semester, and the college will waive student fees.
      4. Dependents of full-time employees, trustees, and retirees may register for classes without restriction as to time or number of hours. They will be required to pay student fees. The same benefits will be applicable to retirees.
      5. Adjunct faculty members and one dependent and part-time employees may register for one course of study not to exceed six credit hours per semester. They will be required to pay student fees.
      6. Workforce Training & Continuing Education
        1. Continuing education courses taken for credit are included provided the minimum enrollment for the class is met. Workforce Training & Continuing Education sets minimum enrollment levels.
        2. For noncredit continuing educations courses, Workforce Training & Continuing Education offers a 20 percent tuition discount for eligible persons.
        3. Courses offered in partnership with a third party vendor may not be eligible. Contact Workforce Training & Continuing Education for information.
      7. Employees that terminate from the college and their dependents who are registered for classes may finish the semester.
    3. Approval Process
      1. For the current approval process, refer to the Tuition Waiver Guidelines on the Human Resources webpage.
      2. Employees wishing to take courses during regular work hours will need written approval from their immediate supervisor.
        1. Regular work hours missed by employees for class attendance must be made-up on an approved prearranged schedule with the immediate supervisor.
        2. Employees may not substitute rest breaks and office consultation hours for the class time taken during regularly scheduled work hours.
      3. If the employee is required by the supervisor to attend a class during working hours, the employee is not required to make up the time.

Date of last cabinet review: October 27, 2020

The originator of this policy & procedure is Human Resources. Questions regarding this policy may be directed to the originator by calling 801-957-4210.