Spark Talks

Spark Talks

David Robles, Ray Taylor, and Erin Beltran share how they have utilized technology to implement remote group advising. This allows for greater collaboration between departments as well as providing greater flexibility for busy students.

David Robles, Academic Advisor, Education Department

Ray Taylor, Career Coach, Career Services

Erin Beltran, Academic Advisor, Psychology

Marcie Young Cancio describes her new program in the Department of Journalism. SLCC journalism students connect with local professionals at the Salt Lake Tribute and collaborate with the nonprofit Amplify Utah in order to cover Utah's diverse communities. This program utilizes a "teaching hospital" model in which students demonstrate and practice their learning and hone their craft while working on real-world stories.

Marcie Young Cancio, Assistant Professor of Communications

Dr Lea Lani Kinikini gives a tour of the JEDI hub and Clifton G. Sanders Racial Justice and Black Liberation Library. Intern Ariane Barboza describes the Utah Reintegration Program, an effort to support formerly incarcerated individuals. Dr Anthony Nocella introduces JEDI4ST, SLCC's interdisciplinary research center bringing together scholarship and activism.

Dr. Lea Lani Kinikini, Assistant to the President, CDO 

Dr. Anthony Nocella, Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice and Criminology 

Adriane Barboza, Intern, JEDI4ST Hub 

Nancy Barrickman describes the Equitable and Inclusive Teaching Practices credential program, a resource for faculty to learn how to create a classroom environment that enables all students to succeed. Recent graduates of the program share how they have modified their approach in an effort to be more inclusive.

Dr. Nancy Barrickman, Associate Professor of Biology

Jeff Huffman, Lab Instructor, Biology

Melissa Hardy, Assistant Professor of Biology

Dr Kadiri interviews Beatrice Yin, an SLCC international student, about her experiences in the classroom.

Dr. Juone Kadiri, Equity, Diversity and Inclusivity Facilitator, Faculty Development 

Beatrice Yin, Student

Dr. Tyler demonstrates how to integrate Google tools into Canvas, enabling collaborative work in a remote learning environment.

Deidre Tyler, Professor of Sociology

This presentation reviews the efforts that Writing Across the College has made towards achieving equity in student writing success. While WAC was already loosely working towards this goals, Dr. McNair's presentation and book, motivated the program to establish a multi-faceted, multi- resourced, "nudge" approach to improving student writing success across the college.

Tiffany Rousculp, Professor of English & Director, Writing Across the College 

As part of our College's equity and completion strategies, the Student Success Unit created a cross-departmental case management team that is working with over 1200 first-generation students of color. The Care Team – as this group is known – was formed as an initiative to close the completion gap through targeted efforts designed to assist first-gen students of color navigate unfamiliar and sometimes biased landscapes and processes. The Data Science & Analytics team built a machine learning algorithm to find the students who are in the most need of attention each week based on their behaviors in Canvas. This data is then presented to the Care Team who mobilizes their members to respond to students who could be struggling at SLCC. Armed with data about how they are doing in their classes, the Care Team is able to intervene in a more meaningful manner to help our students succeed in their academic goals. 

Michelle Hardwick, Director Data Science & Analytics 

Richard Diaz, Director, Orientation and Student Success

The college's special events department, in collaboration with the college's art committee, has taken a deeply intentional approach to ensure that the college's art gallery exhibitions, president's art show and permanent art collection are representative of all members of the college and Utah community and reflect not only ethnic, cultural, age, gender and ability diversity, but also a full range of art mediums and artistic thought and creation throughout our community.

Danielle Susi-Dittmore, Art Gallery and Event Coordinator 

Our policies tell our community what we value, how we treat each other, and the rules we follow.  In this way, policies are foundational to equity, inclusion, and diversity initiatives.  If our rules are biased, we will not achieve organizational equity.  To support equity-mindedness, the policy office has been actively incorporating equity into its policy processes.  

Chad Lambourne, Policy Review Coordinator

Dr Kwan developed a signature assignment for students in her service-learning class, being mindful that the ability to volunteer one's time is a privilege. Shying away from deficit model thinking, Dr Kwan encourages students to develop civic literacy and the capacity to be community-engaged learners.

Dr. Karen Kwan, Associate Professor of Psychology