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Substance Use Disorder Counselor

Certificate of Proficiency Training
Commencing Fall 2024

Pre-requisite Courses

Prior to beginning the Salt Lake Community College (SLCC) Substance Use Disorder Counselor training (SUDC) students are required to have completed the following pre-requisite courses with a minimum C grade or higher. Pre-requisites are set by the Utah Division of Professional Licensing (DOPL), which cannot be waived and are required to sit for the national examination and qualify for the SUDC license in the State of Utah.

  1. PSY1010 – General Psychology (SS)
  2. PSY1100 – Lifespan Human Growth and Development (SS)
    • OR SW2100 – Human Behavior in Social Environment
    • OR FHS1500 – Lifespan Human Development (SS)

Please Note: Prospective students may contact Dr. Hydo (  to request approval to complete the pre-requisite courses concurrently with SW2715 and SW2910 as part of their first semester of their SLCC SUDC training.

Core Courses

The SLCC SUDC training comprises five core courses, which are listed below.

  1. SW2715 - Introduction to Dynamics of Addiction
  2. SW2910 - Introduction to Professional Skills for SUDC
  3. SW2935 - Introduction to Addictions Counseling for SUDC
  4. SW2950 - Introduction to Neurobiology of Addiction for SUDC
  5. SW2940 - Social Work Internship (250 internship hours completed in 1 semester)

Course Sequencing

SLCC SUDC core courses may be completed in as little as two semesters, although students may extend longer. Students must complete SW2715 and SW2910 prior to enrolling in SW2935, SW2950 and SW2940.

Please Note: Courses may not be offered every semester. Students should consult with Dr. Hydo to construct a plan for completion prior to beginning the SLCC SUDC training. A typical two-semester course sequence is shown sequenced below

Fall Credits
SW2715 3
SW2910 3
Credit Total 6
Spring Credits
SW2935 3
SW2950 3
SW2940 4
Credit Total 10

Process for CSUDC Licensure in Utah

1) Upon completion of the SLCC SUDC training certificate, and completion of a minimum of an associate degree from an accredited institution, students are eligible to apply for the CSUDC Intern license, which will allow students to work as a CSUDC Intern for 6 months until they pass one of the above listed examinations.

2) SUDC applicants will then apply to sit for the SUDC examination. College transcripts are required to register to take one of the following 2 exams:

  1. NCC AP Exam Level I or II administered by the National Association of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselors (NAADAC), Cost of Exam: $150;
  2. Alcohol and Drug Counselor (ADC) Exam administered by the International Certification and Reciprocity Consortium (IC&RC); or
  3. NAADAC Exam Information

3) Upon completion (passing) one of the above listed exams, students will then apply for SUDC licensure in the state of Utah with DOPL.

Please Note: Upon completion of the SLCC SUDC Certificate of Proficiency program, students will work with the Utah Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing (DOPL) in regard to meeting additional licensing requirements and obtaining their SUDC license. Completion of the SLCC SUDC training does not guarantee that a student will qualify to sit for the examination or obtain a CSUDC license.

SUDC Core Course Descriptions

SW 2715 – Introduction to Dynamics of Addiction

The course examines current research regarding substance use disorders; the interplay between research and practice; the biological, sociological and psychological factors related to the development of substance use disorders; and the assessment and intervention process in substance use disorder counseling.

SW 2910 – Intro. to Professional Development for Substance Use Disorder Counseling

This course introduces students to the professional ethics, values, legal obligations, practice skills, and scope of practice for addiction professionals. This course will examine the following: 1) the 12 core functions of substance use disorder  counseling, 2) the NAADAC/NCC code of ethics for Substance Use Disorder Counselors (SUDC), 3) practice skills and standards for working with clients, 4) the legal scope and limitations of practice 5) the licensing process for Substance Use Disorder Counselors (SUDC) in the state of Utah.

SW2935 – Intro to Addictions Counseling for SUDC

This course introduces students to direct-practice skills and responsibilities required to work as a SUDC with individuals and groups. Course topics include developing therapeutic alliance, substance/risk screening, ASAM biopsychosocial model for assessment, documentation, DSM-5-TR criteria for SUD, treatment planning, models for change and intervention, and legal scope of practice per NAADC/NCC AP.

SW2950 – Intro to Neurobiology of Addiction for SUDC

This course introduces students to basic DSM-5-TR classification and categorization, and the neurobiological effects of psychoactive drugs. Course topics include 1) psychopharmacological characteristics and mechanisms of action for psychoactive drug use in stages of intoxication and withdrawal, 2) continuum of care in addictions treatment, and 3) State and Federal prescribing laws and regulations.