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Declaring and Changing Your Major

You can declare your major on your Application for Admission.

To change your major:

  • MySLCC
  • Academics & Records
  • Academic Planning
  • Program Change Request
  • Fill out the request and Submit

Notice: * Please review the Program of Study submission deadlines on the Academic Calendar.

Important things to note

  • Program of study changes may involve completion of new courses not required by previous program of study. Students must comply with any new requirements for their chosen degree/certificate as detailed in the most recent College catalog.
  • Financial aid and Veterans benefits is not available for all programs of study. Students who are receiving these benefits should consult with the appropriate office(s).
  • Curriculum exceptions may not transfer to the newly requested program of study. Students will need to review their DegreeWorks audit for applicability.
  • Students are allowed up to three major change requests per semester.

Where to Start

  • Read the SLCC General Catalog for program of study (major) descriptions.
  • Learn as much as possible by interviewing those who have jobs that appeal to you.
    • “Shadow” someone on the job for a day in a work setting you would consider as a major.
    • Apply for an internship or summer job in a field you are interested in through Co-operative Employment.
    • Get involved through volunteer work by going to the Thayne Center at Redwood campus.
    • Talk with your instructors.
  • Review career options with a Career and Student Employment Services Advisor.
  • Speak with an Academic/Program Advisor

Tips for Choosing Your Major

  • Eliminate all areas of study you are absolutely not interested in.
  • Choose from General Education courses that can be used in many different majors. For example: literature, communications, philosophy, psychology, computers, marketing & foreign languages.
  • Narrow your choices of major to 2 or 3, then schedule some very specific courses in those majors.
  • Gather information on possible careers and how they relate to an academic major.
    • Check out SLCC’s Career Library at the Redwood Campus.
  • Spend some time on self-assessments. Clarify your interests, abilities and values.
    • Take a Career Clues Workshop-a free, one hour, one-time, class for those who are undecided. Available at Redwood Campus in the College Center Bldg., Room 242.
    • Take CHOICES- a free skills & interest inventory available on the computers with a CHOICES icon at Sandy Campus, South City and Redwood.
    • Take the Campbell Interest and Skill Survey ($25) and the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator ($25).
  • Don’t choose a major for the wrong reasons. This decision should be based on your own unique abilities, talents and interests.
  • Choose a major you love! You will enjoy your classes and your college experience more fully, which may result in a higher GPA.
  • Whatever you do, do not be discouraged if you are undecided. Remember, you are not lost, you are exploring.

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