Arts & Cultural Events Logo

ACE is here to facilitate the development of cultural programming across the college. ACE supports a wide variety of cultural activities such as lectures, musical concerts, multicultural celebrations, live performances, and conferences.

ACE partners with many organizations both on campus and off to reach this goal, and is always looking for more ways to serve the diverse communities within the college. If you or your organizations are interested in developing cultural programming, please contact ACE Coordinator.

ACE Funds Allocated for In-Class Speakers

ACE has allocated $2,500 in funds to each of the six schools within SLCC. The goal with this new funding is to promote in-class speakers on a smaller scale than college or department-wide events. The funds are available now and are to be awarded with the approval and discretion of each school’s Dean. ACE request forms for this funding are to be submitted to the Dean directly, who will then forward them to ACE with their decision.

Questions? contact ACE Coordinator