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Deferred Admissions

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Who is eligible for admission deferment?

Deferred Admission is available if you need to take some time away from your education for:

  • Religious or humanitarian mission
  • Military service
  • Health or medical-related needs
  • Family or financial responsibilities

If you are leaving for an extended period of time, please follow these steps:

Before you leave:

  1. Review our Admissions Policy. Any questions regarding the Admissions Policy may be answered by calling the Office of the Registrar and Academic Records at 801-957-4298.
  2. We suggest you complete a Student Consent for Release of Records. You may appoint an individual to act in your absence and have access to your records. The completed form will allow the appointed person to request your transcript and help you register for classes before you return. This authorization is valid for three years from the date signed.
  3. Meet with an academic advisor to confirm an educational plan.
  4. It may also be helpful to leave your MySLCC login information with the authorized appointed individual along with your educational plan.

When you return:

  1. If you have been away for less than three years, you will need to complete the SLCC Admission Update Application to update your start term and contact information.
    • The Admission Update Application is used to update a student’s status within our systems. Students will need to fill out the Admission Update Application if they need to change their desired starting term.
  2. Update your placement tests for math and English. Current placement scores are required for all math or English courses as well as any courses that require math or English as a prerequisite.
  3. Depending on your return date, you may need to complete a new student orientation prior to registration. New student orientation is offered both in-person and online. If possible, we strongly encourage you to attend an in-person session. For more information, please visit New Student Orientation.
  4. If you have been absent from the state for one year for religious, charitable, military service, health or family responsibilities, apply for reinstatement of your residency status. See residency requirements and deadlines.
  5. Meet with an academic advisor to confirm an educational plan.
  6. Request information regarding experiential language testing, if appropriate.
  7. Register for classes. You can check your registration status and registration date through your MySLCC account on the “Semester Checklist” or the “Register for Classes” cards.

Frequently Asked Questions

Because the Application for Admission is valid for three years, all students are eligible to leave for an extended period of time as long as they return within that three-year window without readmitting.

You will not need to apply for deferment before you take and extended leave of absence; however, you will need to update your start term after you return by completing the Admission Update Application.

The Admission Update Application is used to update a student’s status within our systems. You will need to fill out an Admission Update Application if you need to change your desired admission starting term.

Yes. The Admission Update Application must be submitted before the admission deadline of the term you are seeking to attend. Please see the Academic Calendar for specific dates.

Math placement scores are valid for one year. English placement scores do not expire.

Placement is a test to accurately place you in the courses appropriate to your level of academic skills.

A prerequisite is a course requirement that must be part of your academic record/history and must meet minimum grade (or test score) requirements.

The majority of scholarships and tuition waivers may expire. If you do not use the awarded funds, the funds are returned and awarded to other students.

You must apply for financial aid every academic year. If you do not attend, your aid is not held. Aid is based on the previous tax year, so cannot be held for a subsequent year.

Yes. Please complete an Admission Update Application to update your desired staring term. All Admission Update Applications must be submitted before the admissions deadline for the term you would like to attend.

You will receive a student number recorded on your official admission letter. If you have forgotten your student number and live in the Salt Lake valley, you may visit any campus with a valid government photo ID to receive your student number. If you live out of state, your student number will be mailed to your recorded address on your student record.

You will need to file an online application for Residency Status located on the “Residency Classification” card on MySLCC. You can search for this card using the search bar. Using the links on the card provide all requested documentation to the Office of the Registrar and Academic Records