ASL Placement Exam

Students who have American Sign Language skills prior to enrollment at SLCC or whose credit does not transfer from another institution should take the ASL placement exam.


Email for available appointments. Exams are administered by the ASL/Interpreting program which is located at Taylorsville Redwood Campus. The exam will take approximately 11/2 to 2 hours.
ASL Placement Exam Fee: $50


There are 3 portions to the ASL placement exam:

1. True/False (one's knowledge of ASL linguistics and grammar and Deaf culture and history)
2. ASL receptive (one's ability to understand ASL)
3. ASL expressive (one's ability to express themselves using ASL and its grammatical features)

Exam results will be sent via email.


If a student is not satisfied with their results, they may retake the placement exam after a 6-month waiting period. The cost to retake the placement exam is $100.

Deadlines for Taking ASL Placement exam

For Spring Semester Enrollment: Nov 30
For Summer Semester Enrollment: April 30
For Fall Semester Enrollment: July 31