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ASL Placement Interview

Students that have a prior knowledge of American Sign Language (ASL) may sit for the ASL Placement Interview, which is a 30-minute (or less) interview that will assess conversational ASL skills for the purpose of placement into the correct ASL course level.

Results will be emailed within 1-2 weeks after your interview.

College credit will not be given for any course(s) bypassed.

You may request to take the ASL Placement Interview if you intend to take American Sign Language classes at SLCC and you:

  • have an SLCC S#
  • have studied ASL at a secondary school (i.e., junior high/middle school, high school, seal of biliteracy, etc.) and/or another institution of higher education (college, university, etc.). **We do not accept transfer credit from other institutions if your ASL class is more than 2 years old.**
  • have acquired the ASL through association with members of the Deaf Community (e.g., for missionary work, family member, Deaf friend.)


Free, there is no charge for this interview.


Email state/explain:

  • That you’d like to take the ASL Placement Interview.
  • If you’ve taken any ASL classes within the last 2 years.
  • Where you learned sign language.
  • How long you’ve been signing.