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Misconduct Quick Tips - Staff

Minimum Concern - Emotionally Frustrated

Person is frustrated that his/her needs are not being met by a member of the College. Person inappropriately acts out to get attention.

Tip: Response should be dealt with in the least confrontational and disruptive method given the circumstances.

Moderate Concern - Aggressive

Person is highly agitated and creates a disruption causing the staff member to become uncomfortable with the student’s aggressive nature. May be interrupting the office environment.

Tip: If disruption can’t be resolved at minimum level, seek assistance from your supervisor. If supervisor is not available, then contact the Dean of Students at 801-957-4776.

Potential Threat – Overly Aggressive – Potential Harm to Others

Person creates an atmosphere where potential danger is present, i.e. verbally abusive, yelling, grabbing a staff member, or blocking an entrance or exit.

Tips: Response at this level should be addressed by the Dean of Students at 801-957-4776 and Utah Highway Patrol at 801-957-3800*.

BIT (Behavioral Intervention Team) referral may be necessary. If necessary, the Dean of Students will convene a behavior alert meeting and appropriate parties will be invited to attend (i.e. staff member and supervisor).

Immediate Threat – Harm to Others

Person gives an overt threat to do physical harm to faculty or staff member and/or other students in the learning environment, i.e. use of a weapon, phone calls, written correspondence, or through the use of social media.

TIPS: Call 911 – Staff must take reasonable action to protect themselves and others.

As soon as possible, notify your immediate supervisor. Your supervisor is responsible to notify Utah Highway Patrol at 801-957-3800*; Dean of Students at 801-957-4776 and the Director of Risk Management at 801-957-4041.

Potential Suicide

Suicidal behavior is any injurious behavior which is self-inflicted and by which a student intends to kill himself or herself. A suicide threat is any interpersonal action, verbal or non-verbal, that a reasonable person would interpret as communicating that suicidal behavior may be imminent. Suicidal ideation is any self-reported thoughts or feelings about engaging in suicidal behavior.


  • If a student is engaging in or has recently engaged in suicidal behavior, call 911 or Utah Highway Patrol at 801-957-3800*. Also notify the Dean of Students Office at 801-957-4776.
  • If a student has communicated a suicide threat, contact the Dean of Students Office at 801-957-4776 as soon as possible. If it is reasonable to assume that suicidal behavior is imminent, call 911 or Utah Highway Patrol at 801-957-3800*.
  • If a student has expressed suicidal ideation or other warning signs of potential suicide, but has not engaged in suicidal behavior or communicated a suicide threat, contact Health & Wellness Services for consultation and support at 801-957-4268. Also notify the Dean of Students Office. For assistance after hours or on weekends, contact the 24-Hour Community Crisis Line at 801-587-3000.

Common Warning Signs of Suicide

*Talk about wanting to die or kill oneself *
* Researching a way to kill oneself*
* Feeling hopeless*
* Feeling trapped *
* Lacking a reason to live*
* Feeling stuck in unbearable pain*
*Feeling like a burden on others *
* Increasing use of alcohol or drugs*
* Acting anxious or agitated *
* Reckless behavior *
* Sleeping too little or too much*
* Withdrawing or isolating oneself*
* Expressing rage or the desire for revenge*
* Displaying extreme mood swings *