The SLCC Theatre Department has two shows upcoming for spring 2021. To Be Frank will be a virtual performance and Festiva Dionysia 2021 will be live at the Alder Amphitheater on the Redwood Campus.

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Festiva Dionysia
Taylorsville Redwood Campus, Alder Amphitheater
April 23 and 24

The festival Dionysia is a Greek Festival from 5th Century Greece, celebrating theatre, music and Dionysus; the god of fertility, wine and revelry. The festivals were a competition to determine the best playwright of the year. In 2021, it is finally time to determine the true winner once and for all. Four groups of student performers will take on the four most successful Greek playwrights in an all-out battle to determine the best Greek playwright of all time. This show will feature live music, poetry, dance, drama, comedy, and in honor of Dionysus, it will be a party audiences will never forget.


To Be Frank
Virtual Production
March 5 and 6, 2021

This show will be entirely devised and performed by the cast. The show will consist of a collection of 2-minute monologues, scenes, performance art and audience interaction inspired from real cast life experiences. Performances may include speaking, song, puppets, and more. 

About The Black Box Theatre

The Black Box Theatre at Salt Lake Community College is the home of the SLCC Theatre program and Majoring in Improv. Throughout the year, the Black Box Theatre produces three full productions, a 24-Hour Theatre Festival, Improv shows, and student showcases. Whether onstage or in the audience, productions are open to all SLCC students and community members.


To get to the Black Box Theatre, park in the East side parking lot and enter through the glass doors by the fountain. Turn left and go up the marble stairs. Theatre will be your second right.