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Child Care Assistance

The Child Care Voucher Assistance Program supports low-income students by supplementing the cost of child care so students can attend class and focus on their coursework. The vouchers currently serve the needs of students at any licensed child care facility in the State of Utah. The voucher may or may not cover the entire cost of child care based on your specific contract. You are responsible for paying any remaining costs to your provider. A parent student’s eligibility amount is based on their financial aid eligibility, the number of credit hours in which they are enrolled, and the number of children enrolled in child care. The maximum amount awarded is $2,100 per semester, per student. Vouchers are funded by students through the use of student fees. Thank you, Student Fee Board!

There is additional funding for students who are in CTE programs through the Perkins Grant dollars. These Perkins Child Care Vouchers are for eligible students who are participating in CTE courses to assist with child care costs at any of the three college locations and are added to the amount of Voucher Assistance you may be eligible for. Complete the application and provide your current class schedule. Eligible classes will receive the extra money sent directly to the college child care.

The CCAMPIS Grant is also being administered at the South City Campus, known as the Tim & Brenda Huval Child Care Center. This funding reduces the cost of child care by up to 68% so that most students have no costs with the Voucher Programs listed above.

This is a limited time offer! Please call 801-957-3070 for enrollment options. We look forward to hearing from you.

Voucher Requirements

  1. Must be PELL grant/income eligible. To determine eligibility, you must complete a FAFSA application. International students may use the FAFSA forecaster, but results must be submitted with the voucher application.
  2. Cannot be receiving any other form of child care assistance. Some exceptions may apply.
  3. Unlicensed or family member providers are not eligible unless the relative has a Child Care License from the Bureau of Child Care Licensing of Utah.
  4. Child must currently be enrolled at a licensed child care facility. Perkins Funds can only be applied to one of the three SLCC child care locations.
  5. If reapplying, student is ineligible for next semester’s voucher if money is owed to the provider for tuition not paid by the student.
  6. Students must notify this office if child(ren) is/are withdrawn from the provider’s care, if the student withdraws from classes or any other changes in eligibility status previously mentioned occur.
  7. For those receiving CCAMPIS funding, an Academic Advisor Form must be completed and signed by your academic advisor.


  1. Maximum funding amount is $2,100 per semester, per student.
  2. Can be used for licensed child care both on and off campus (except Perkins Funding).
  3. Awards are made after the last add/drop day of the semester.
  4. Payment is made directly to the child care provider.
  5. All credit hours will be verified throughout the semester. Credit hours must be maintained throughout the semester to avoid loss of funds.
  6. The child care provider will/may be asked to verify attendance of the child during the semester.
  7. Funds are awarded on a first come, first served basis.
  8. Children must currently be enrolled at a fully licensed child care facility in order to apply. Applications cannot be approved prior to enrollment.
  9. Incomplete applications or applications missing required paperwork will be delayed in processing. You must attach your contract from the child care, which shows enrollment of your child and cost.

Child Care Programs on Salt Lake Community College campus sites:

HOW to apply

  1. Complete your online FAFSA application
  2. Gather documentation:
    1. Complete the child care voucher application
    2. Copy of your current child care contract
    3. Copy of your current class schedule
  3. Submit all documentation:
    1. Fax to 801-997-3070 or email to

How are applicants notified if they received an assistance voucher?

Applicants will be notified by email or telephone as soon as their application has been processed.