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The Communication Department provides programs of study in Journalism & Digital Media and in Communication Studies. Communication, as a discipline, teaches vital skills for success in today's society by providing communication skills that are highly prized in business, technical, and professional careers, in the community, and in personal relations.

Journalism & Digital Media offers courses in multi-media journalism, new media, and media production. Students will be introduced to a variety of mass media through theory, history, and hands on production work. Communication Studies offers courses in public speaking, argumentation, interpersonal and intercultural communication. These programs also provide students with skills in teamwork, problem solving, leadership, and conflict management.

Earning an associate degree through the Communication Department prepares students for transfer and careers in communication, journalism, broadcasting, public relations, social work, or related fields.

We offer an Associate of Science degree in Journalism & Digital Media and in Communication Studies. An Associate of Applied Science degree in Video/Radio Production is offered through Career and Technical Education (CTE) using Communication courses.