Application Process

Interested students should begin this process by researching the type of agency, office, organization, or business they would like to intern at for a semester.

Students should then use the application timeline to decide when to submit the application form below, based on when they would like to complete their D.C.-based internship.

Students will be contacted for an interview after their application is received. During the interview, students will discuss their interest in the program, as well as where they would like to apply for an internship in D.C. Students will receive advising and guidance on the best way to prepare their application to make it competitive.

Application Timeline

  • For Fall Internships: Apply before May 1. Interviews will take place in May.
  • For Spring Internships: Apply before October 1. Interviews will take place in October and November.
  • For Summer Internships: Apply before February 1. Interviews will take place in February.

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