Supporting Scholarships at SLCC

Creating a scholarship or contributing to an existing scholarship at Salt Lake Community College will directly and significantly change the lives of students who otherwise might not be able to go to college. Supporting scholarships is also a meaningful way to honor family, friends, beloved professors, a special academic program or any other important influence in your life.

SLCC students who receive a scholarship are twice as likely to graduate.

If you are interested in supporting SLCC students through a scholarship, please download the scholarship brochure to learn about the different types of scholarships we offer or how to create and customize your own named scholarship.

How would you like to support scholarships at SLCC?

Support an existing scholarship (any dollar amount)

Donors can contribute to any of SLCC’s existing scholarship funds, which include the following:

  • Bruin Athletics Scholarship for students who are participating on one of SLCC’s award-winning athletic teams
  • Bruin Dreams Scholarship for undocumented immigrant students who are seeking higher education
  • Near-Completers Scholarship for students who are a few credits short of finishing their associate degrees
  • General Scholarship for students with financial need
  • PACE Scholarship (Partnership for Accessing College Education) for participating high school students who fulfill the PACE school-to-college-to-business requirements
  • Single Parents Scholarship for single-parent students who are supporting a family and attending school
  • Program Specific General Scholarships
    • Applied Technologies and Technical Specialties
    • Arts, Communication and Media
    • Business
    • Health Sciences
    • Humanities and Social Sciences
    • Science, Math and Engineering

Create a named annual scholarship ($2,000 +)

Annual named scholarships can be established with a minimum contribution of $2,000 (approximate tuition and basic fees for one semester). Donors are encouraged to make ongoing donations to their named scholarships to continue the scholarship long-term.

Create an endowed scholarship ($50,000 +)

Endowed scholarships are designed to be permanent and perpetual – meaning you can create a legacy that will last far beyond your lifetime. The Salt Lake Community College Foundation invests the funds, and after a maturing period of one year to one-and-a-half years, scholarships are awarded from 3.5 percent to 4 percent of the earnings.

After earning interest, newly-created endowed scholarships will become active after a period of one to two years, depending on when the initial donation is received.

What is the first step?

Please contact Laura Thomas to schedule a phone call or meeting to discuss your goals for your scholarship.

Laura Thomas
SLCC Development Officer


If you are ready to make a gift now, please click here. You can easily schedule your gift to recur monthly or annually.