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Required Documents Checklist

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Check list of Items Needed:

  • Copy of a Driver’s License/Learner’s Permit/State ID/Temporary ID.
  • ACT scores or SLCC Placement Process Scores into college level Math and English - ACT scores must be official. ACT Math scores are acceptable if taken within 18 months from the test date, ACT Reading scores never expire. SLCC Placement Process Math scores are acceptable if taken within 1 year from the test date, SLCC Placement Process English scores never expire.
  • High school transcript - can be official (in a sealed envelope in person or sent officially directly from your high school) or an unofficial transcript can be taken if we have ACT/SLCC Placement scores for the student already.
  • Parent Permission form - can be found under Forms.
  • Permission letter from the high school counselor, principal, or vice principal (must be on letterhead). The letter must state the student is currently enrolled in high school and has permission to attend SLCC early. View Example Letter Template.

Students in a home-schooled setting must complete the Verification of Home School Status, which can be found under Forms.
High school age students not attending high school (dropped out) must obtain a letter from the school district stating the student has been released. The Verification of Official Withdrawal form is available under Forms.

Documents can be submitted to or uploaded through the student’s application portal.

Placement for early enrollment admission

SLCC Placement Process or ACT

ACT: 18 or higher in Reading Comprehension and 20 or higher in Math. Official ACT scores are required. Students must also request official scores be sent from ACT.

SLCC Placement Process into English 1010 and Math 1010.

**ACT or SLCC Placement Process listed above places students into Math 1010 and English 1010. A math score is not required if the student has taken MATH 1010 and/or a reading score is not required if the student has taken ENGL 1010 and the final grade appears on the student's transcript.