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Investigation Timeline


Length of time 


What the parties receive 

Initiation of Complaint 

Complaint Intake  

Up to 2 weeks 

Complaint may be initiated by the following methods:  

  • Complainant calls or fills out intake form 
  • Supervisor report 
  • Observing employee  
  • EO Office receives enough information to initiate the investigations themselves. 

Complaint can be written or oral. 

Intake Manager will conduct a preliminary interview of the complainant to fill out the intake form and/or gather any additional information.  

Intake Manager will offer supportive measure or information to the complainant. 

Contact by the Intake Manager  

Preliminary Review 

Complete within 4 days of completion of intake process 


The EO Office will consider the complaint and determine if the allegations, if proven, meet the definition of discrimination, harassment, or retaliation under college policy. 

The EO Office will make this decision with the Assistant Attorney General, the Director of Employee Relations, an equity representative, and/or the Dean of Students. 

If it is determined the allegations fall under Title VII and do not rise to the level of sexual harassment under Title IX, the matter will be investigated without the use of the Title IX hearing requirement.  

Contact by Intake Manager regarding procedure or dismissal  

Notice of Investigation

Completed within 7 days of preliminary review 

  • Appropriate Investigators are assigned  
  • Investigator drafts notice of investigation 
  • Draft of notice is reviewed by complaining party with 2-day deadline 
  • Investigator makes edits if necessary  
  • Notice sent to parties and direct supervisors  

Notice of Investigation draft sent to complainant for review.  

Final draft of Notice of Investigation sent to both parties.

Optional: Respondent written response 

Within 7 days of notice of investigation  


EO office will send the Respondent’s written response to the Complainant. 

Optional: Complainant written rebuttal  

Within 7 days of respondent’s written response 


EO office will send the Complainant’s rebuttal to the Respondent. 

Investigation and Report 


Completed within 42 days of the Notice of Investigation and Responses and Rebuttals 

Investigator will: 

  • Gather evidence 
  • Interview parties and witnesses  
  • Interviews will be recorded and transcribed for parties’ review 
  • Parties may add or clarify the transcript, making it part of the record. 
  • Anyone interviewed may bring a support person to the interview. However, the support person cannot participate in the interview. 
  • Compile investigation file 

Intake Manager will: 

  • review and clean up transcripts 
  • allow interviewees to review transcript and add edits as addendums to the transcripts 

Parties will receive a letter communicating the conclusion of the investigative process. 

Review Investigation file and draft written report 

Completed within 14 days the letter to parties communicating the end of the investigation 

At the conclusion of the investigation, the investigators will analyze the investigation file and write an investigation report detailing their findings.   

The investigation report will be written using the investigation report template. 

The lead investigator will deliver the completed report to the EO Director, who will then forward it to the Assistant Attorney General.  

Legal review of written report draft 

Completed within 21 days 

Legal will: 

  • Read report and review evidence  
  • Suggest edits  

Edit report with feedback from Legal if necessary  


Completed within 5 business days of return from legal 

EO Office will approve final investigation report 


Final Investigative Report delivered 

Approximately 120 days

EO Office will deliver the Final report to:  

  • Complainant  
  • Respondent   
  • Supervisory chain to VP 

Both parties and supervisors receive a copy of the report and the investigation file.  

Appeal Process 

Any party may appeal by letter to EO Office 

Within 10 days of receipt of report

EO office will communicate that appeal has been received and invite the other party to respond. 

Response by other party 

Within 5 days of receipt of appeal 

EO Office will deliver the letter of appeal to the other party, giving them a chance to respond to the appeal.  

EO office will deliver the response by the other party to the appealing party. 

Final decision on appeal written and delivered  

Within 10 days of Letter of Appeal

EO Director will deliver the letter of appeal, the response by the other party, and the Final Investigative report to the appeal examiner.  

Appeal examiner will review all documents and draft a final decision.  

Legal will review the final decision and suggest any edits.  

Appeal examiner will deliver final decision to appealing and responding parties, and through Supervisory chain to VP.  

EO Office will decide if any additional parties should receive the final decision letter. 

Appeal Examiner will deliver the final decision to appealing and responding party.