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Welcome to the Fashion Institute at Salt Lake Community College

Our mission is to provide a quality education to a diverse student body. We combine theory with technology and practical skills so that students are trained and prepared to secure employment, advance in the Fashion Industry or continue their education at four-year institutions. We are very involved in the community (on and off campus) and we serve a student body that is degree-seeking, retraining, knowledge-seeking, and transfer-oriented.

"Right now, we have this opportunity to really step back and consider how we want to re-approach style and design," says Fashion Institute Program Manager Mojdeh Sakaki, noting that more than 90% of the retail industry shut down during the pandemic. "There has been a lot of changes. Suits are gone, comfort and leisure are booming. And new 3-D printing technology is introducing new types of fabrics and patterns. It is an exciting time to be in fashion."

Designed for the students who are interested in a fashion-related career, we offer degree programs in Visual Merchandising, Fashion Design, and Technical Apparel Design. Each student gains an understanding of opportunities and a working knowledge of the various phases of the constantly changing fashion industry.

The program provides the opportunity to specialize in one of three areas: Fashion Merchandising, Fashion Design and Technical Apparel Design.

  • Fashion Merchandising prepares for beginning positions in sales, management, buying, visual presentation, promotion, and wholesaling for both men and women.
  • Fashion Design develops skills in the creation of imaginative finished garments. Technology skills that you will learn include sketching, sewing, draping, pattern making, and presentation, to name a few. These skills will prepare you for entry level positions in manufacturing, designing, and the home sewing industry.
  • Technical Apparel Design prepares you to become Technical Designers would work as a liaison between Design and Production; Once a garment has been designed, you will figure out how to make it, so we call you “the engineers of the fashion industry”. The fun part is that no two Technical Design jobs are ever the same and your learning opportunities are endless!

You will develop your skills through our rigorous, hands-on curriculum based on human factors, ergonomics, strategic design development, and industry practices.

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